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'The Rewrite': Hurray, Hugh Grant Is Still Funny

Hugh Grant Marc Lawrence

It seemed like a reasonable idea to Reteam Hugh Grant and Marc Lawrence, who worked so successfully together on Two Weeks' Notice and Music & Lyrics. Their latest collaboration, The Rewrite, follows similar tropes explored in the Drew Barrymore movie and for the most part, it works really well.

Hugh GrantHugh Grant in 'The Rewrite'

Grant plays screenwriter Keith Michaels, a Golden Globe winner with a hit movie to is name, a beautiful wife and, of course, an inexhaustible supply of charm. However, fast-forward fifteen years and Keith is divorced, broke and hasn't written a hit movie in years. When his agent lands him a job teaching screenwriting in a sleepy town in Binghampton, Keith dedicates more time to writing his new script, before meeting a single mum working two jobs to earn her degree.

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The Rewrite Trailer

Keith Michaels once had it all; recognition and money from an award-winning screenplay and an attractive wife to share it with. However, now he's nearing middle-age and he no longer seems to have any of it. Sure, his famed movie is still a hit, but he's struggling to find any more work and now that he's sadly divorced, the only support he has is from his agent. Desperate to make ends meet, the agent offers him last resort; there's a teaching post vacancy at a small town university in Binghamton, available to teachers in screenwriting. With a Golden Globe hit under his belt, he's a sure-fire candidate for the job - but it's the last thing he wants to do. However, he soon finds the silver lining in that a string of attractive young students have applied to enrol on his course and he uses the opportunity to revel amongst young women, while doing as little work as possible. When he meets mature student Holly though, he's inspired to turn his spiralling life back around.

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Did You Hear About the Morgans? Trailer

Watch the trailer for Did You Hear About the Morgans?

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Music And Lyrics Review

It's not a complaint when I say that Hugh Grant seems to play the same role over and over these days. It never gets old to watch him play a complete bastard who is also loveable and endearing in his utter self-absorption. It may eventually get tiresome to see the spiky-haired acerbic bloke woo the girl, but it hasn't yet -- and it is certainly an improvement over his earlier, sappy-and-awkward romantic stylings.

In Music and Lyrics, Grant's playing Alex Fletcher, former frontman of a hilariously '80s band called Pop and current contented has-been. While living exclusively in the land of former glory does allow Alex to wallow in adoration without really having to do anything whatsoever, his bottom-of-the-barrel tour dates are drying up and the money is running out. He gets the chance to revive his career when a vapid pop superstar gives him four days to write her a hit song.

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Music and Lyrics Trailer

Music and Lyrics

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Two Weeks Notice Review

After starring in just a few comedies, Sandra Bullock has established herself as the go-to actress to play the loopy, disheveled, well-intentioned woman of today. Her characters may possess poise and beauty, but they're hidden beneath the exterior of a girl who prefers chili dogs and wiping her nose on her sleeve. Although the gimmick may be a little stale, Bullock continues to play the hell out of it, as she does with co-star Hugh Grant in Two Weeks Notice. This should come as satisfying news to moviegoers that helped Miss Congeniality earn over $105 million at the box office.

But Two Weeks Notice has appeal beyond being a Sandra Bullock vehicle or a standard romantic comedy. Although Bullock does have her routine primped and polished, Two Weeks Notice benefits from more: a snappy, likable script by writer/director Marc Lawrence (writer of Forces of Nature and Miss Congeniality) and a witty, near-flawless performance by Hugh Grant.

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Four Rooms Review

I wish I could say I was let down by Four Rooms, but given the sheer volume of just awful buzz about the film, I think I got what I was expecting: an over-anticipated, overworked movie that was full of talent but devoid of taste.

It starts off bad enough. As the credits announce the four writer/directors (Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez, and Quentin Tarantino), a cartoon sequence plays over them, in the tradition of cinematic masterpieces like Mannequin. This sets the stage: New Year's Eve at Hollywood's Mon Signor Hotel and only one bellhop (Tim Roth), and believe me, it's a rillyrilly wacky place. The film then launches into the first of four 30ish-minute shorts, one by each director.

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Miss Congeniality 2: Armed And Fabulous Review


Five years ago, Miss Congeniality gift-wrapped a Christmas hit for Warner Bros. as it delivered Sandra Bullock a much-needed meaty role. The actress was suffering a string of mediocre underperformers at the time, from the melodramatic rehab stint 28 Days to the forgettable Forces of Nature.

It's not surprising to see Bullock revisit frumpy FBI field agent Gracie Hart, though it is surprising it took her this long. Hart remains the ideal fit for Bullock's blend of cover-girl beauty and tomboy charms. Like Hart, Bullock frequently puts up a tough veneer that hides a vulnerable core that's worth exploring.

Armed & Fabulous begins three weeks after Hart was named runner-up at the Miss United States pageant, an event she infiltrated to flush out a criminal mastermind. Her stint on the beauty contest's sta

The Asphalt Jungle Review

Sterling Hayden gets the shaft again in The Asphalt Jungle. This guy goes on caper after caper but he just never ends up with the loot. It always slips right through his hands. Every time.

Jungle is one of Hayden's finest hours, earnest and searing as he finds himself wrapped up in the perfect crime -- a jewel heist which is (unfortunately) a rather simple safecracking affair. This time out, Hayden's desperate gambling addict looks about ready to do anything in order to get back to the pastoral farm where he grew up -- and we believe it.

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The Out-of-Towners (1999) Review

While this remake of the 1970 Jack Lemmon film of the same name (not a classic, by the way) comes off as something of a perverse cross between Steve Martin's own Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and Adventures in Babysitting, it has enough silly giggles in it to make it better than, say, watching UPN on a Wednesday night. And though Goldie Hawn is seen in what might be the worst role in her entire life, Martin's schtick is somehow timeless and tireless.

Dillinger Review

The famed bank robber gets his life story told in a spare 70 minutes. While his origins as a petty thief are quite compelling, his bank robbery hijinks are less so. The story's been told countless times, and this one's worth a peek for history buffs. Lawrence Tierney's first major role came as the title character.

Miss Congeniality Review

It takes some doing to make a beauty pageant flick that features an intellectually vapid caper plot while being a slap in the face to feminism. When asked (within the movie, I mean) to defend pageantry from this accusation, Sandra Bullock simply shrugs it off and says, "Well, they're not all airheads, and I've made some friends." Forget the fact that nine out of ten women in the film act like vicious bitches to Sandra's character -- a New Jersey FBI agent named Gracie Hart -- and shrug off the fact that each of the contestants is painted to have all of the intelligence of a Pokemon character on a good day. Never mind all that. Sandra has learned that beauty pageants are really scholarship contests and really aren't harmful to feminism.

Miss Congeniality starts out with Gracie as a New Jersey kid kicking ass on the playground and getting the obligatory "ugly duckling" bit when she slugs a guy to protect a potential boyfriend -- only to be shunned because she was too tomboyish. Of course, the ugly duckling grows up to be an adult tomboy (though a dead sexy one at that). The portrayal is stereotypical: frumpy hair, two dates to her name, a punching bag, and a penchant for pints of Ben and Jerry's. To her credit, Sandra Bullock pulls off the deal pretty well, but how she can live with herself after playing such an odious role is beyond me. (She gets paid a lot of money, that's how. -Ed.)

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Forces Of Nature Review

Any time you go to see a romantic comedy with big budget stars and a promo tagline like, "He went from the eye of the storm into the arms of a hurricane," you have to be a little scared. After all, for every When Harry Met Sally..., there are a dozen While You Were Sleeping's, and the worst part is that the bad ones always seem to make more money.

Surprisingly, my fears about sitting through Forces of Nature were unfounded and alleviated pretty quickly. Forces of Nature is basically Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, except that John Candy has been replaced with Sandra Bullock, Steve Martin is now Ben Affleck on his way to get married, and instead of hating his travelling companion, Ben is falling in love with her. With a set-up like this, you have to be especially worried, because Hollywood thrives on taking totally unrealistic premises and turning them into trite, sentimental, and naive romantic comedies with unrealistic happy endings. The reason this romantic comedy is pulled off, despite such an unrealistic premise though, is that the plot is actually somewhat darker an more honest than that of you typical popcorn movie. Additionally, the more unrealistic moments are played for laughs and not tears.

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