The fashion world has shook with the news of designer Marc Jacobs leaving his cushy job at Louis Vuitton today. Jacobs was brought in as the brand’s creative director in the distant 1997, in order to revamp Louis Vuitton’s stale and matronly image. Throughout his time at the company, the now world famous designer expanded into ready-to-wear and shoe collections and worked with collaborators such as Takashi Murakami, Stephen Sprouse, and even Kanye West to completely revamp the LV image.

Marc Jacobs, New York Fashion Week
The designer is yet to announce his next creative endeavor.

During his time with the brand, Jacobs’ creative expertise has helped the company reach $9.5 billion in worldwide sales last year.

Jacobs stepped down with one final Pret-A-Porter show on Wednesday, the Associated Press reports. With an all-black collection, attendees must have wondered, was Jacobs in mourning for Louis Vuitton, or was it the other way around? A show of grandeur, featuring a jet black carousel and a dark fountain, preceded the announcement of Jacobs’ withdrawal from the luxury French brand. Naturally, Jacobs’ final collection for Louis Vuitton was presented at the Louvre, making it a fitting goodbye for the 50-year-old designer.

Marc Jacobs, 2013 Fashion Media Awards
An all-black show, displayed at the Louvre, marked Jacobs' exodus.

However, according to Businessweek, Jacobs’ departure sees the Louis Vuitton brand once again stalling and in need of another reinvention. Meanwhile, the designer is stepping down to focus on his own brand and possibly consider a market listing for the company. LVMH, the owner of Louis Vuitton, is yet to announce Jacobs’ replacement, while the designer himself decides on his next creative endeavour at his own brand.

Marc Jacobs, NYC
After Jacobs leaves, the company might be in need of yet another reinvention.