Marc Jacobs turned down a job at Dior after his psychiatrist advised him against it.

The fashion designer was offered the chance to succeed John Galliano as Creative Director at the fashion house, but Mark declined the job - which was taken by Raf Simons in April 2012 - as he realised it wouldn't benefit the ''quality'' of his life.

Speaking to WWD's Fern Mallis during a Q&A session in New York, Mark revealed: ''It was actually my psychiatrist who said, 'How is this [Dior job] going to improve the quality of your life?' and I said, 'It's not.'

''I mean, two more shows - and after Galliano, what he has done - when am I going to live my life?''

Mark, 49, continued to admit he ''never dreamed'' of becoming a designer to begin with as he thought the fashion industry would be a ''very difficult'' environment to work in.

However, now helming top labels Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, he is use to receiving criticism - as long as it is ''constructive''.

He added: ''Yeah, I'm a human being. I get hurt, too. There are very few, and I don't mean this in a bitchy way, journalists who I respect. I don't think a lot of them know what they're looking at.

''I don't sometimes feel the criticism is valid. I'm fine with constructive criticism, but I'm not so good with stupidity. It's one thing to say 'I like or I don't like', but to misread or mislabel something or to be out of sorts because it was raining, or a late show or you were hungry. That just all feels not valid.''