Review of Dust Of Rumour Album by Marc Carroll

Review of Marc Carroll's album Dust Of Rumour

Marc Carroll Dust Of Rumour Album

'Dust of Rumour' is Marc Carroll's fourth album and has been released on is own label (High Noon) on July 13th, his previous albums include 2003's 'Ten Of Swords' (2003) and World On A Wire two years later.

The Dublin born singer songwriter who now resides in California has recorded an album that seems strongly influenced by both the Californian bands of the late sixties and the indie rock bands that sprung up early in the early nineties, which plucks him out of the usual sound of 'singer/songwriter'.

From what I gather, Carroll handled the majority of the instrument duties, and in fairness did a fine job. The album is steeped with jangly guitars but also has an Irish folk element to it; well he is a Dubliner after all.

Although I did like this album, there is one downside to it, on occasions it did have an eighties feel to it and made me question: Where is the originality? Get over this however and listen to the album for what it is, and it becomes easier to enjoy it.

Carroll most probably would produce an album in the way he wanted to and release it on his own label. Well, quite often that is a winning formula, and Carroll obviously has a formulaic understanding. Nothing really original, but 'Dust Of Rumour' is charming, melodic and at times atmospheric.


Pablo Roffey

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