Salsa star Marc Anthony has been ordered to submit a full record of his accounts as he continues to battle his ex-wife Dayanara Torres over child support.

Former Miss Universe Torres has been fighting for an increase in her monthly payments for their young sons Cristian and Ryan after claiming his salary had jumped dramatically since they settled their divorce and custody issues in 2004.

She is seeking to boost her regular $13,000 (£8,125) instalments to $112,000 (£70,000), but Anthony has been challenging her request, insisting he pays her more than enough to afford a comfortable home and lifestyle. He has blamed her poor money management for her financial struggles.

The case went before a Los Angeles County court judge on Thursday (01May14), when Torres accused Anthony of hiding his fortune to avoid paying her more.

Anthony maintained her monthly funds are more than adequate for their boys and argued any more would "spoil them rotten".

However, the judge refused to let Anthony off the hook and ruled he must submit a full accounting of his income and expenses by Tuesday morning (06May14), reports

The singer previously revealed in legal documents that he earns a massive $1.25 million (£781,250)-a-month and also pays his third ex-wife, Jennifer Lopez, $18,000 (£11,250)-a-month for their twins Max and Emme.