Manolo Blahnik loves how shoes provide "instant transformation".

The Spanish designer - loved by celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker, Kylie Minogue and Victoria Beckham - believes footwear is an important part of an outfit, but does not consider himself an artist.

He said: "I love the shape of the foot. Shoes create instant transformation - in a second you walk differently."

Asked how he views himself, he added: "I'm a technician. I'm not an artist. I'm always an outsider in fashion. I like to be in the factor - it feels so peaceful, being out of the hullabaloo."

Discussing his inspiration, Blahnik confesses he gets ideas from "silly romantic things" he thinks up in his head.

He told "This is an Egyptian girl going to The Village - these are the things I like to think when I do shoes, make up these silly romantic things."

However he has not always had commercial sucks, claiming one collection he "loved" didn't sell at all.

He said: "There's a series of shoes I love very much but they didn't sell. It was always like that - the things that I adore - that are edgy - they didn't seem to perform."