Experimental film? Confessional documentary? Fragmented narrative? Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami has created something closer to a poem with Ten, his latest step in a career turn that grows ever closer to abstract minimalism. Photographed on video almost entirely from within a car that travels through Tehran, Ten is pared down to two camera positions (one facing the driver, the other lingering unblinkingly on the passenger often for minutes at a time).

Kiarostami essentially traps us in a sardine-can automobile listening to candid talks between a young woman driver (Mania Akbari) and her varying companions: a prostitute, an old woman, a sister who has fallen in love with the wrong guy (a fairly conventional subplot), and mostly her fresh mouthed son played by the delightful Amin Maher, whose scream of, "I like shouting!" clears the air of an otherwise low-key conversation film.

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