Review of Man Like Me Album by Man Like Me

Review of Man Like Me's self-titled album released through Our Time Records.

Man Like Me Man Like Me Album

This quirky, unique and creative bunch hailing from down south have clear British influences such as Ian Dury and certainly The Specials springs to mind. However it's not ska music, although there are social messages going on, it's more a blend of bleepy, post grime and post new wave experimentation done in a creative way with clear UK attitude. It's not got that 'in yer face' attitude of punk but the alternative sound created is influenced by it. 'Single Dad' and 'Doughnut' have a calypso feel but it's with sythns rather than bongos. Interesting!

It's all very eclectic and niche. It definitely has cult status but there's no heavyweight punch to it that sets a new standard. In fact even though I could appreciate the progression and experimentation of sound as well as the staunch stance of being themselves, that you have to respect, sometimes 'Man Like Me' got a little bit annoying. Although some might think this is the future and could be an absolute fan of this group. Definitely thumbs up for integrity and another example of English music doing exactly what it wants.

Tareck Ghoneim

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