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Kevin Smith Announces Sequel To Mallrats Is In The Works

Kevin Smith Mallrats Ben Affleck Shannen Doherty Jason Lee Jeremy London

Kevin Smith has announced there will be a sequel to Mallrats. Mallrats, the 1995 romantic comedy which starred Smith, Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, Shannen Doherty and Jeremy London, was a prequel to the 1994 film Clerks. The films both flopped at the box office but have since achieved cult status.

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith has announced a sequel to Mallrats is in the works.

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Smith Takes Tv Comedy Role

Kevin Smith Mallrats MTV

Director Kevin Smith has signed up to star in the US remake of hit British TV show MANCHILD, because he wants to become a better actor.
Smith has written, directed and starred in CLERKS, Mallrats, DOGMA and JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKES BACK - and now wants to turn his attention solely to portraying a cynical divorcee in the Showtime comedy.
He tells MTV, "It should be an interesting exercise that, if the show works as well as the script, will turn into a sweet side gig for me.
"At the very least, I'll learn a thing or two about acting; at the most, I'll have something to do four months out of every year."

Mewes Credits Affleck With Recovery

Jason Mewes Mallrats Ben Affleck Jay And Silent Bob Kevin Smith

Recovering drug addict Jason Mewes has heaped praise on Mallrats co-star Ben Affleck for helping him when he was at an all-time low.
Mewes called Affleck and asked for help when he was hooked on heroin back in 2000 and his movie star pal not only funded his recovery, he found him work.
The Jay And Silent Bob star, who has been clean and sober since his court-imposed rehab in 2001, says, "When I needed help he definitely helped me out. As a matter of fact, he paid for one of my rehabs."
Affleck and the pair's mutual pal Kevin Smith have continued to support Mewes in his recovery - Smith asked him to revive his Jay character for the upcoming CLERKS sequel and Affleck offered his pal work in his directorial debut GONE BABY GONE.

Affleck Moans To Smith

Ben Affleck Kevin Smith Chasing Amy Jersey Girl Mallrats

Ben Affleck is struggling with his directorial debut GONE, BABY, GONE so much he has called up old friend and film-maker Kevin Smith for advice.
Affleck has appeared in six Smith movies, including Chasing Amy, Jersey Girl and Mallrats, and the director was reportedly enraged when his former charge failed to cast him in Gone, Baby, Gone.
He says, "He started complaining, 'These actors won't do what I say. They make up their own lines, they don't follow the script.'
"Then he said, 'I feel your pain.'"

Smith Wants Cameo In Affleck Film

Kevin Smith Ben Affleck Chasing Amy Jersey Girl Mallrats

Film-maker Kevin Smith has blasted his friend Ben Affleck for failing to cast him in his directional debut GONE, BABY, GONE. Affleck is currently filming the mystery drama in his native Massachusetts and upset Smith when he didn't ask him to cameo in the movie. Affleck has appeared in six Smith movies, including Chasing Amy, Jersey Girl and Mallrats. Smith fumes, "I can't believe I cast the motherf**ker in six movies and he didn't have the f**king courtesy to be like, 'Do you want to show up in Gone, Baby, Gone?'" Smith is currently in Boston promoting his new film CLERKS II and in unsure whether or not to visit Affleck on set. He explains, "When you're on a movie set, unless you've got a job to do, you're just in the way. I would like to see him in his directorial element and give him s**t. But I don't want to distract him."

Smith Still Fighting For Lee As Fletch

Kevin Smith Jason Lee Chevy Chase Zach Braff Chasing Amy Mallrats

LATEST: Cult movie-maker Kevin Smith is holding out for Jason Lee to recreate bumbling private detective IRWIN 'FLETCH' FLETCHER in his long-awaited sequel to the 1980s Chevy Chase films.

Internet reports suggest Zach Braff will play the title character in new movie FLETCH WON, but Smith insists he's still battling to reteam with one of his favourite actors.

Smith, who confirms he has met with Braff about the role, admits he hopes Lee's new TV show MY NAME IS EARL, which debuted in America last night (20SEP05), is a hit so producers will OK the actor as Fletch.

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Affleck Blasts Kevin Smith

Ben Affleck Mallrats Jersey Girl Jason Mewes

Ben Affleck has made an astonishing swipe at longterm pal, director KEVIN SMITH - accusing him of exploiting teenage fans of his cult films.

Affleck has appeared in five of Smith's films, starting with 1995's Mallrats and most recently this year's (04) Jersey Girl.

But Smith was reportedly upset Affleck snubbed the DVD launch of Jersey Girl - and Affleck has hit back while publicising new movie SURVIVING CHRISTMAS.

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Smith Enrolls At Degrassi High

Kevin Smith Mallrats Lisa Spoonhauer Shannen Doherty Chasing Amy Jason Lee Ben Affleck

Director and actor Kevin Smith is fulfilling a life-long ambition by starring in cult Canadian drama DEGRASSI HIGH.

The New Jersey-born star has been obsessed with the TV series since it began in 1986 and after pestering producers for years, he has finally been signed to appear in three episodes of DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION.

The Mallrats film-maker will play himself in the show, but he explains, "I tread lightly on this subject, because it gets me in trouble with my wife.

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Smith Gets First Dvd Visionary Award

Jersey Girl Kevin Smith Chasing Amy Mallrats

Jersey Girl director Kevin Smith will be awarded the first ever DVD VISIONARY AWARD at the VIDEO SOFTWARE DEALERS ASSOCIATION'S (VSDA) Las Vegas ceremony.

The 33-year-old is thrilled his trademark commentary and extensive extra footage will finally be recognised at the HOME ENTERTAINMENT 2004 ceremony in the VENETIAN RESORT HOTEL CASINO this month (14JUL04).

VSDA President BO ANDERSON explains, "In addition to creating works that reflect his deeper understanding of the complexities of work, relationships, religion, and family, Smith exhibits his commitment to his fans by creating some of the best supplemental materials available on DVD. His commentary and extra footage is full of humorous anecdotes and allows the viewer to have a closer look at the filmmaking process."

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London To Be Arraigned After Roadside Arrest

Party Of Five Jeremy London Mallrats

Former Party Of Five pin-up Jeremy London is in legal trouble after being arrested on suspicion of vandalism, marijuana possession and driving with a suspended license.

The actor, who also appeared in Mallrats and GODS + GENERALS, was arrested on 6 April (04) after motorists in California reported him to police when they saw him arguing with a friend by the side of a highway.

The 31-year-old was taken into police custody and released on bail, but faces an arraignment hearing on 6 May (04).

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