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Male Bonding, Endless Now Album Review

Having emerged quite forcefully out of London's trendier-than-thou Dalston scene two years ago, the energetic trio that is Male Bonding have gone from strength to strength ever since. While initially formed as something of an homage to their US underground heroes like No Age and Icarus Line by vinyl enthusiasts and one-time record store employees Kevin Hendrick, John Arthur Webb and Robin Christian, their no-nonsense take on grunge, pop and punk with a slightly off-kilter shoegaze twist has seen them acquire a legion of devotees up and down the land culminating in a deal with esteemed Seattle imprint Sub Pop. Maybe there's a lesson for all fledgling musicians? Lots of Work followed by an occasional rest with very little play and the world's your oyster.

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Male Bonding, Interview

Interview with Male Bonding

London noise-rock trio Male Bonding may have set up camp in the uber-trendy suburb of Dalston, but that is the only similarity they share with the modern day Nathan Barleys wandering around their neighbourhood.

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