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As much as I like Malcolm, and believe he had no idea of a lot of the porno scenes - the fact is there's plenty of raunchy, tasteless, 'may-as-well-be' porn scenes with him IN THEM to go around. The man knew what kind of movie he was making, and I suspect he simply felt betrayed by the director chopping up the film and adding scenes as he did. No fault to Malcolm there - I'd be furious too and I'm sure the man paid far more attention to his scripts, directors, and legal recourse in his future endeavors. But I don't think his is a valid excuse to escape any questionable morality questions ;pFortunately, I could give a damn about morality.

Posted 5 years 12 months ago by Kyrandos

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I have always been a HUGE Malcolm fan, but could never bring myself to see Caligula. His feelings about it are the exact reasons I did not want to see it. I had seen just about everything else he was in until that movie-we went to see Clockwork Orange, If, and O Lucky Man every time they hit the midnight show circuit. I always felt a bit guilty about not supporting him in that movie, but now I feel much better. Thanks, Malcolm!

Posted 8 years 1 month ago by mommietime247

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