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Fascinating Fact 13019

A Clockwork Orange star Malcolm Mcdowell is to be honoured with the 2,465th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His star will be unveiled...

Bob Guccione Dies Aged 79 After Battle With Cancer

BOB GUCCIONE, the founder and long-time editor of American magazine 'Penthouse', has died aged 79 after a battle with lung cancer, reports the Associated Press....

Mcdowell Collects Toy Cars

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE star MALCOLM MCDOWELL has an impressive collection of mechanical toy cars.The actor has filled his California home with early 20th century friction...


Fascinating Fact 6020

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE star MALCOLM MCDOWELL is to be honoured with a lifetime achievement award at the upcoming 11th annual Savannah Film Festival in Georgia....

The Things They Say 6361

"Not many people get to be around JOHN GIELGUD running up and down, wondering whether those young boys were pubescent or shaved." MALCOLM MCDOWELL makes...

The Things They Say 6347

"I always say that there's a great film somewhere in CALIGULA. It just didn't quite get out." MALCOLM MCDOWELL on his controversial 1979 movie.

Picture - Bernadette Peters and Malcolm McDowell... New York New York United States, Tuesday 2nd December 2014

Bernadette Peters and Malcolm McDowell - Photographs from the Premiere screening of Amazon's Original Series Mozart in the Jungle as a variety of stars arrived at Alice Tully Hall in New York City, New York, United States - Tuesday 2nd December 2014

Picture - Malcolm McDowell - Wearing a... Marina Del Rey CA United States, Tuesday 22nd October 2013

Malcolm McDowell - Wearing a black short dress, Salma Hayek is all smiles while filming a car scene in a classic mustang with co star Pierce Brosnan for their new movie "How To Make Love Like An Englishman" in Marina Del Rey. - Marina Del Rey, CA, United States - Tuesday 22nd October 2013

Picture - Malcolm McDowell - Celebrities and... Milton Keynes United Kingdom, Saturday 25th May 2013

Malcolm McDowell - Celebrities and Sporting Greats attend Collectormania 19 at Stadium MK - Milton Keynes, United Kingdom - Saturday 25th May 2013

Antiviral Review

It may be style over substance, but Brandon Cronenberg cleverly blends his father David's love of medical yuckiness with an elusive Lynchian-style mystery to keep us unnerved all the way through this low-key thriller. And the film also works as a dark satire on today's celebrity-obsessive culture, in which fans will go to any lengths to be closer to their idols. So imagine if they had the chance to share a star's illness.

This is the work done by the gleaming, futuristic Lucas Clinic, where clinician Syd (Jones) works. He injects one patient (Smith) with an STD taken from mega-star Hanna Geist (Gadon). But Syd has secretly given himself a more powerful virus, which he learns is killing Hannah. Now everyone wants to get their hands on him, even as he realises that he needs to find a cure before it's too late. So he gets in touch with Hannah's assistant (McCarthy) and doctor (McDowell), and discovers that there's a conspiracy afoot involving his clinic's main rival.

The idea that fans would go to this kind of extreme isn't actually that unbelievable in a culture in which we watch their every move on reality TV and feel like their friends through Twitter. And Cronenberg's idea goes beyond sharing viruses, including cloned skin grafts and even a butcher (Pingue) who sells meat grown from celebrity cells. While the ideas echo some of David Cronenberg's films (mainly Videodrome and eXistenZ), this is also a strikingly original approach. The imagery looks amazing, with all-white surfaces and a spare use of colour, against which Syd's unravelling physicality looks increasingly garish.

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Excision Review

There's an element of parody to this jet-black comedy, but the film is so creepy that it gets under our skin. And even if it feels a bit ridiculous, the story challenges us with an exploration of bullying and social pressure that's deeply unsettling. All while writer-director Bates gleefully keeps us off-balance with a shifting mix of broad comedy and growing horror.

It's also a deranged coming-of-age tale about Pauline (McCord), a teen outcast who delusionally believes that she is destined to be a great surgeon. This is mainly because she wants to cure her sister Grace (Winter) of cystic fibrosis. So she teaches herself surgical skills by piercing her nose, among other things. She also propositions a hot classmate (Sumpter) about losing her virginity, partly because this is in her master plan and partly to annoy his mean-girl girlfriend (McCook), and he doesn't refuse. Meanwhile, her mother (Lords) makes it clear that she doesn't like Pauline, treating her husband (Bart) like dirt while doting on Grace.

The film's opening scenes are like a Todd Solondz movie, with grotesque characters saying staggeringly rude things to each other. And as events unfold, each person develops some complexity that makes them intriguing. It also helps that scenes are packed with lively side characters played by starry veterans. McDowell, Matlin and Wise play school employees who are baffled by Pauline's refusal to toe the line. And Waters is dryly hilarious as the sardonic priest Pauline is forced to see for counselling. 

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