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the reviewer seems to have no idea what music is. plank

Posted 4 years 7 months ago by person8000

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why do you seem to think 'trip hop' is a genre? it isn't and never was and never will be.It's a lazy Journo tag to describe beat based music that veers from the past preconceptions.Gee from Malachai has a long standing history in British hip hop culture as does Scott.Your review is extremely shortsighted and based purely on the fact you read the press release and dribbled out this lazy review in an attempt to sound informed where you clearly have limited knowledge of the music and culture of hip hop and its influence on the current scene that includes Flying Lotus,Gaslamp Killer,Teebs,Lorn and a whole host of music that has been inspired by Bristol innovators.I find your opinions outdated and ill informed.Thanks for trying though.

Posted 4 years 7 months ago by Awkward

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