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Making Marks - Lemon Sheets [Live]

Nina Bø and Ola Innset of Norwegian quartet Making Marks play a cosy live acoustic session backstage at Ostpol, Dresden. They perform their track 'Lemon Sheets', taken from their debut album 'A Thousand Half-Truths' out now on Fika Recordings.

The video - shot and edited by band member Jørgen Nordby - features the pair relaxing in the sun, the window wide open, during their latest European tour which saw them perform in Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland and all around Germany.


Making Marks - A Thousand Half-Truths Album Review

Having wisely decided to consign My Little Pony (the band's previous name) to room 101 following the departure of guitarist Simen Herning, the re-invented quartet that represent Making Marks have released their 'debut' album 'A Thousand Half-Truths'. The Norwegian foursome, named after MLP's second album, of Ola, Marie, Nina and Jorgen make light and breezy pop songs full of delightful melodies and rich harmonies. The close male/female vocal harmonies are beautifully balanced throughout the album as tales of long distance love, longing and the curiosities of life are imparted often with a wry twist or slightly cynical take. Ola says, "I think we've finally found a way to marry our folky twang with our more upbeat poppiness. You'll find the folk bits in our vocals and some of the guitar parts, while the rest of the soundscape is very pop oriented." 

Making Marks - A Thousand Half-Truths Album Review

The jangly guitar pop played out through the unreciprocated intimacy of 'Bruises', and then 'Barcodes', sets the album off to a great start as we are transported through Oslo in search, or in trepidation, of love. The latter's keyboard flourish nicely lifts the song towards the end before 'Uten En Trad', the only vocal on the album sung in the band's native Norwegian. 'Forgive And Forget' follows, picking up the beat and providing a sympathetic shoulder to cry on. The track is infused with a distinctive Rembrandts' 'Friends' theme and even borrows the guitar riff as it bounces along.

The absurdities of spin classes are captured brilliantly on 'Like Spinning', where the pace slows to very effectively showcase the well-paired vocal harmonisation, akin here to New Yorkers Girlyman. 'Lemon Sheets' lightens the mood with a lovely light love song tinged with regret and apology, but with a very pleasant air and nicely phrased lyrical quality: "Come and see me, I'm not so far away, just a bus and a train and a plane and another train from Harringay."

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Making Marks - Lemon Sheets

Norwegian quartet Making Marks have unveiled the video to their new song 'Lemon Sheets', taken from their upcoming debut Album 'A Thousand Half-Truths' due for release on February 3rd 2014 through Fika Recordings.

The video, directed by Darren Hayman, features the band communicating in some sort of sign language - though possibly not the traditional way. It's innocent and playful, reflecting the liveliness of the track with its jingling, uplifting keyboard and guitar melody and energetic drum beats. There's a sense of determination in this track that the band know exactly what the significance of 'lemon sheets' is - even if the listener doesn't.

There's more inviting sounds where that came from too as the band gear up to unveil their first release as Making Marks, having formerly been a part of the group My Little Pony (whose final album was also entitled Making Marks). Along with the English language songs, they will also be throwing in a couple in their native Norwegian language on the album. 'We have a couple of songs in Norwegian now', Making Marks told us in an interview. 'One on the album and also one we're going to release as a single... [People] are really curious to hear our language.'

Introducing: Norwegian Nuances From Making Marks

Making Marks

Making Marks is set to bring a lot of new surprises beginning with debut album 'A Thousand Half-Truths'.

Making Marks

Having met in 2007, keyboardist/vocalist Nina Bø, guitarist/vocalist Ola Innset, bassist Marie Sneve and drummer Jørgen Nordby set up My Little Pony and subsequently released two studio albums while making quite a splash during their US and Europe touring. Despite that project going 'downhill', they have no regrets about their first musical ventures and even named themselves after their last My Little Pony album when they re-connected a second time in 2012. The Oslo band have marked their re-arrival with plenty of international touring, released three singles so far and are now about to unleash their debut album 'A Thousand Half-Truths'.

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Making Marks - Video Interview

Video Interview Making Marks

Norwegian band Making Marks took time out for an interview with us at their Oslo recording studio Six Foot Over. Keyboardist/vocalist Nina Bø, guitarist/vocalist Ola Innset, bassist Marie Sneve and drummer Jørgen Nordby talk about their influences, touring plans and their new album as they happily reunite after some time apart from each other.

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Making Marks - Bruises

Norway four-piece Making Marks perform a live studio session of their song 'Bruises' at Six Foot Over Recording Studios in Oslo. The song features on their upcoming debut album 'A Thousand Half-Truths' due out on Fika Recordings on February 3rd 2014.

The track looks to be performed as effortlessly as it sounds, with an immediate warm cheerfulness clear from the onset. The flawless melodic layers of keyboard and guitar sounds give it a density and it's obvious a lot of skill has gone into the track's production. It certainly does put you in the mood for a good time with the use of drums and cymbals giving it a summery reggae twang.

The band; who are keyboardist/vocalist Nina Bø, guitarist/vocalist Ola Innset, bassist Marie Sneve and drummer Jørgen Nordby; were previously part of My Little Pony but, dissatisfied, they dropped the project and re-connected under a new moniker, naming themselves after their last MLP album, 'Making Marks'.

Making Marks

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