The Game of Thrones star reached the milestone on 15 April (15), and she has now revealed she travelled to a remote location to party in privacy with her pals.

She tells Britain's London Evening Standard newspaper, "I thought, 'It's my 18th, I want to have fun and not worry about anything like that. I should just go to a field in the middle of nowhere'. So I did. It was wonderful, it was so nice to be with my friends and people who really, really matter. Sometimes being in this industry and reading horrible things online - for anyone, not just me, for anyone - does get on top of you, so it's nice to spend time with real people who are right in front of you. Your real friends, who take time out of their lives to come and spend time with you for your birthday. It really did just round off my year - or even my childhood - nicely I guess, 'cos now I'm an adult."