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Fascinating Fact: 4320005

11th August 2014

Jennifer Lopez reunited with her Maid In Manhattan child co-star Tyler Posey onstage at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday (10Aug14) when she served as a guest presenter. Teen Wolf actor Posey, who co-hosted...

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Jennifer Aniston To Become Face Of Aveeno?

21st June 2012

Jennifer Aniston is reportedly negotiating an ''eight-figure deal'' to become the face of Aveeno.The 'Marley and Me' actress is in talks to become the new face of the brand, which sells natural-based skin and haircare...

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Jennifer Lopez: 'I'm A Great Actress'

5th August 2011

Jennifer Lopez things she is a "really great actress". The 'Maid in Manhattan' star - who has appeared in critically panned movies 'Gigli' and 'Jersey Girl' - believes she is great in front of a...

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Lopez Brings Maid To Tv

13th August 2008

Hollywood actress JENNIFER LOPEZ is bringing her 2002 romantic comedy MAID IN MANHATTAN to the small screen. The 39-year-old has teamed up with U.S. TV network ABC to produce a new series based on the...

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The Things They Say 7357

25th February 2008

"She really enjoyed her pregnancy. She has been nesting. And she has been resting which is different for her. She has really found a balance - before it was a massive amount of work. (Now)...

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Fiennes' Mile High Friend Attempts Suicide

8th April 2007

The Australian flight attendant who had sex with RALPH FIENNES in an aeroplane toilet has reportedly attempted suicide after she was fired for the scandalous act. Ex-Qantas employee LISA ROBERTSON, who was fired in February...

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Airline Sacks Fiennes Flight Attendant

19th February 2007

LATEST: Australia's national airline Qantas has sacked the flight attendant who last week (16FEB07) admitted she had sex with Hollywood hunk RALPH FIENNES in an aircraft toilet. LISA ROBERTSON, 38, had been suspended from the...

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Fiennes Flight Attendant 'Admits Toilet Tryst'

16th February 2007

LATEST: Friends of the flight attendant at the centre of RALPH FIENNES' airborne sex scandal insist she did have sex with the actor in the aircraft toilet. The British actor caused controversy late last month...

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Ex-husband To Fight J.lo 'To The End'

2nd December 2006

LATEST: Latina superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ is facing a court battle in her ongoing legal dispute with her first ex-husband - OJANI NOA has vowed to fight her "to the end". The singer/actress filed her suit...

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Lopez Turns To Scientology Teachings For Baby Help?

29th November 2006

JENNIFER LOPEZ is turning to the teachings of Scientology in an effort to become a mum, according to new US reports. The MAID IN MANHATTAN star, who recently attended the Italian wedding of top celebrity...

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Lopez Landed Luxury Seats

21st November 2006

JENNIFER LOPEZ angered fellow passengers on a private jet taking guests to TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES' wedding ceremony by claiming all the best seats for her party. Other celebrity passengers including JADA PINKETT SMITH,...

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J.lo To Settle With Ex-husband?

17th August 2006

LATEST: Latina superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ is close to settling her legal battle with her first ex-husband OJANI NOA before it goes to court. The singer/actress filed suit against the former waiter in April (06), after...

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Lopez Drops Out Of Dallas

2nd August 2006

JENNIFER LOPEZ has abruptly quit the much-anticipated big screen remake of classic 1970s show DALLAS. The MAID IN MANHATTAN actress was set to star opposite JOHN TRAVOLTA - who will play JR EWING - as...

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Lopez's Ex Denies Extortion Claims

29th June 2006

LATEST: JENNIFER LOPEZ's first husband OJANI NOA has denied the singer/actress' claims he tried to extort $5 million (GBP2.85 million) out of her in return for keeping quiet about their failed marriage. Lopez filed suit...

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Lopez Hit With Legal Action

17th April 2006

Singer/actress JENNIFER LOPEZ is being sued by a television writer for copyright infringement. JACK BUNICK has taken legal action against the MAID IN MANHATTAN actress, Viacom, and American TV networks CBS and UPN over the...

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Lopez Makes Donor Plea

11th February 2006

Generous superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ is urging New Yorkers of Hispanic descent to donate bone marrow in a bid to save the life of a young Latina suffering from blood cancer. The MAID IN MANHATTAN...

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Lopez Lights Up

16th December 2005

JENNIFER LOPEZ's claim to live a clean-cut lifestyle has been called into question after she was recently photographed smoking a cigarette. The MAID IN MANHATTAN actress has spoken about her decision to turn her...

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J.lo: 'I Love Big Butt Compliments'

13th October 2005

Latina singer/actress JENNIFER LOPEZ spends hours in the gym maintaining her famously big bottom because she loves hearing people comment on her shapely rear. The MAID IN MANHATTAN beauty has worked with fitness trainers...

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Lopez's Perfume Smells Like A Baby's Head

26th September 2005

MAID IN MANHATTAN actress JENNIFER LOPEZ loves the scent of babies so much she used the smell as a basis for her latest perfume Live. The curvaceous star, who is rumoured to be pregnant...

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Lopez Fired Manager Who Told Her To Look Like Locklear

25th September 2005

Superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ once fired her manager because he ordered her to diet, something the voluptuous star was determined never to do. The MAID IN MANHATTAN actress was appalled when the unfortunate manager told...

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J.lo Too Demanding For Low Budget Movie

20th June 2005

JENNIFER LOPEZ is so unhappy with her accommodation and on set trailer while filming BORDERTOWN, she has demanded a luxury motor home and a private villa. The MAID IN MANHATTAN beauty is starring in...

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Lopez: 'I Always Pick Great Scripts'

16th March 2005

Actress JENNIFER LOPEZ has defended her back catalogue of movie flops, insisting she's only ever signed up to films with "great" scripts. The Latina star - who's suffered critical maulings in pictures like THE...

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Hoskins Enjoying Life As A Supporting Actor

18th January 2005

Veteran actor BOB HOSKINS prefers to act in supporting roles rather than star in movies - because he can't take the blame if the film flops. The 62-year-old Brit has recently settled into a...

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Lopez Teams Up With Step-daughter

3rd December 2004

Latina diva JENNIFER LOPEZ is making sure all her family are getting involved in her music comeback - she has hired her stepdaughter to do backing vocals. The JENNY FROM THE BLOCK singer took...

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Calm Affleck 'Drove J.lo Crazy'

23rd August 2004

Hollywood heart-throb BEN AFFLECK lost JENNIFER LOPEZ because he refused to fight with her, according to sources. A pal close to the MAID IN MANHATTAN beauty says Affleck often bore the brunt of his...

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Affleck Gives J.lo's Marriage His Blessing

8th July 2004

Hollywood heart-throb BEN AFFLECK has given ex-fiancee JENNIFER LOPEZ's marriage to MARC ANTHONY his blessing - saying he's "rooting for her". The JERSEY GIRL star - whose wedding to the MAID IN MANHATTAN beauty...

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J.lo's Diva Demands Ko's Olympic Ceremony Gig

23rd June 2004

Superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ was a no-show at New York's OLYMPIC torch ceremony on Saturday (19JUN04) after the city's government failed to comply with her extravagant demands. Bronx-born J.LO was flattered when mayor MIKE BLOOMBERG...

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J.lo Swears Jeweller To Secrecy

21st June 2004

Newlywed singer JENNIFER LOPEZ ensured her big day remained a underwraps by swearing jeweller AURORA LOPEZ-MEJIA to secrecy. The MAID IN MANHATTAN beauty - who wed singer MARC ANTHONY at her Beverly Hills mansion...

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Jersey Girl Premiere Ends In Disaster

3rd June 2004

The British premiere of BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER LOPEZ's second film together ended in disaster last night (02JUN04) - when none of the 'A' list cast bothered to turn up. JERSEY GIRL - in...

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J.lo Gives Car Back To Affleck

30th January 2004

Superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ has handed back her $325,000 (GBP190,000) birthday gift from ex-fiance BEN AFFLECK, because it holds too many "painful memories" for her. The MAID IN MANHATTAN beauty decided to return the luxury...

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