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Affleck To Star As Magnum Pi?

Magnum Pi Ben Affleck Tom Selleck Brian Grazer

Producers of the big screen adaptation of cult TV show Magnum Pi are keen to cast Ben Affleck as the famous Hawaiian private investigator. CHARLES FLOYD JOHNSON, one of the producers of the original 1980s TV series, insists the DAREDEVIL star would be perfect for the mustachioed role after Tom Selleck held out too long to reprise the part. Johnson hints Affleck would be his first choice to play the lead but, regardless of the final casting, he tells, "I think it will be wonderful. "Unfortunately it won't star Tom. He was asked to do six or eight TV movies and at that time he really wanted to do it as a feature, so he held out on it and probably now they will consider him too old to do it." Johnson names hot Hollywood producer Brian Grazer as the man behind the movie adaptation.

Gervais Snubs Bizarre Hollywood Roles

Ricky Gervais BAFTA David Brent The Office Magnum Pi George Clooney Will Smith

The Office star Ricky Gervais has spurned a succession of big money Hollywood offers, because he is scared of starring in a flop.

The British funnyman, who has won a Golden Globe and numerous BAFTAS for his role in as David Brent in THE OFFICE, but is concerned that the parts he is being offered will make him a laughing stock - in the wrong way.

He says, "I was offered ridiculous things such as a remake of Magnum Pi with George Clooney and me as his butler. Here's another with me and Will Smith - they wanted me to play his brother. Words fail me."

13/07/2005 01:45

Mimi Back With Tom On Tv

Tom Cruise Mimi Rogers Tom Selleck Magnum Pi

Tom Cruise's ex-wife Mimi Rogers has hooked up with another former Tom to make a new TV movie.

Rogers will play a femme fatale in ex-boyfriend Tom Selleck's new film STONE COLD, and she admits their romantic scenes together brought back a lot of memories.

But she's the first to clear up reports that the hirsute star, who she dated 20 years ago when he was the star of Magnum Pi, wasn't as hairy as most people think.

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Gervais: 'I've Turned Down Fame And Fortune'

Ricky Gervais The Office George Clooney Magnum Pi The Merchant Of Venice

Ricky Gervais has turned down $18 million (GBP10 million) in earnings from a host of Hollywood roles, because he isn't motivated by money.

The British comedian, who shot to fame after writing and starring in TV hit The Office, insists he is embarrassed by the amount of cash offered to him - and even rejected "so much money it was shocking" from the BBC to make another series of the spoof documentary.

Among the roles Gervais has turned down are English butler HIGGINS in George Clooney's remake of 80s TV programme Magnum Pi, a part alongside AL PACINO in The Merchant Of Venice, a role in the upcoming PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequel, and a cameo in TV drama 24.

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Clooney Slams Magnum Movie Rumours

George Clooney Magnum Pi Danny Ocean A-Team

Movie hunk George Clooney has rubbished reports he is planning to star in a movie version of 1980s TV hit Magnum Pi.

The OCEAN'S ELEVEN star was linked to the role made famous on the small screen by TOM SELLECK - as part of a 'holy trinity' of roles Pitt coveted, including Danny Ocean and HANNIBAL in a movie version of THE A-Team.

A source last year (03) said, "He's had the A-Team movie in the works for a while now, so he's been chasing this one really hard."

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General Lee Tops Classic Cars List

The Dukes of Hazzard Steve McQueen Magnum Pi Back To The Future Batman Goldfinger

The Dukes of Hazzard's GENERAL LEE has sped off with a new honour - as the best car ever to hit TV or movie screens.

The classic car beat Steve McQueen's 1968 FORD MUSTANG from sixties movie BULLITT in a new hit list of Hollywood hot motors compiled by American collector car insurance experts HAGERTY INSURANCE.

However, president McKEEL HAGERTY admits he is shocked the General Lee is still favourite.

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Clooney Lines Up Magnum Movie Role

George Clooney Magnum Pi Tom Selleck Danny Ocean A-Team

Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney will reportedly play TV private investigator Magnum Pi in a big screen version of the 80s hit show.

Pals of the actor say Clooney is desperate to take on the role made famous on the small screen by Tom Selleck between 1980 and 1988.

They claim the mustachioed Magnum completes a "holy trinity" of roles Clooney has secretly coveted; "He's wanted to play three characters since he started acting - Danny Ocean in OCEAN'S ELEVEN, HANNIBAL in the A-Team and Magnum.

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