Review of The Day We Left Town EP by Magnet

Magnet - The Day We Left Town (released 31.03.03)

Rather than taking part in the E-Bay insanity where people are spending over 1000 Radiohead tickets, you could do worse than catch up with Magnet on one of his many forages around the UK as a support act. Following this advice would remove the necessity to sell an internal organ to pay for the night out, plus shut your eyes and you might be fooled into thinking you are watching Thom Yorke and co.

Magnet is a front for hugely promising new talent Even Johansen. On the evidence of his third EP, 'The Day We Left Town', he is certainly a fan of 'Ok Computer' and the recent experimental Radiohead offerings. The title track is the lightest of the four songs, with a sweeping, swooning, Mercury Rev opening that gradually becomes layered with beats and percussive effects to create a joyous wall of sound.

The additional songs move closer to the chilled-out melancholy of Radiohead. Each track follows a similar template and they flow together in a way that you only rarely get on an album, let alone on an EP. As with Radiohead's post 'Bends' releases these songs take some time to really insinuate themselves within your affections. It is worth making the effort and persevering because the songs become more magnificent with every listen.

Gavin Eves

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