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Magnet feat. Gemma Hayes - ‘Lay Lady Lay’ - Single Review

Magnet feat. Gemma Hayes
Lay Lady Lay

Magnet have decided to do a cover of the Bob Dylan song ‘Lay Lady Lay.’ Dylan sang this song rather unusually but delivered a great feeling and message. Magnet and Gemma Hayes do a good version of this song in their own unique voices especially Gemma Hayes who sounds really sassy and cool. The music is bigger but not so different from the Dylan version. They still manage to keep the feeling of the song both male and female voices complement each other. You could quite easily drive along happily to this track or stick it on while doing cooking. I suppose it’s good to keep the spirit of Bob alive and chill everyone out.

Tareck Ghoneim

Music - Magnet feat. Gemma Hayes - ‘Lay Lady Lay’ - Single Review