Pity poor Dennis Frye. He's a slob -- out of work and wholly unmotivated to find it. But when a myserious couple places a "looking for work?" sign in his local convenience store, Frye (Bill Cassinelli) is piqued.

Soon enough, he finds himself in a job placement office, where he is presented with a handful of job opportunities by the creepy Mr. Longfellow (Joel D. Wynkoop), each of which turns out to be worse than the last (though all culminate with poor Dennis's early demise). Longfellow leads him into the "what may come" future of employment, Creepshow-style, and it ain't pretty. His job as a catering cook is marred by the hit and run murder of a little girl -- followed by his stalking by a group of dolls. His work in a bookstore teaches him about Astral travel, and he soon finds himself trapped in Limbo forever. A final job is as a screenwriter (from a job placement agency, huh?) sends him on interview after interview, where he finds nothing but rejection -- until a reincarnated Edgar Allen Poe appears, whom Frye kills and buries in a shallow grave. Or was that someone else he killed in his drunken stupor?

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