Maggie Gyllenhall can't wait to get dressed up for the Oscars.

The 'Crazy Heart' star is nominated for Best Supporting Actress at next month's prestigious ceremony and is looking forward to donning an expensive gown as it's something she rarely gets to do now she's a mother.

She said: "I like all that stuff - getting dressed up, so I am looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to trying on dresses and trinkets. I really like that part of my job. I have been to the Academy Awards before but I have never been nominated and I'd like to celebrate it as much as I can. I really want to just take it all in. I mean, it's fun."

Despite her excitement at being acknowledged for her work, Maggie recently revealed she finds the challenge of motherhood "complicated", and often feels pained when she leaves two-year-old Ramona to go to work.

She said: "Sometimes I fantasise about staying home with Ramona all day, so that I don't miss a thing in this amazing two-year-old's life.

"I'm an artist; I love my job. I feel very, very lucky to be in the position where going to work means I'm feeding myself. As a mother, you have to make sure you do that because that will nourish your child too."