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Crawford Battles With Film-makers

Supermodel CINDY CRAWFORD has been losing beauty sleep - because work near her home on LISA KUDROW and MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL's upcoming movie HAPPY ENDINGS has been too noisy for her. The mother-of-two is reportedly...

Knightley Tops New Hollywood Faces Poll

British actress KEIRA KNIGHTLEY has topped a poll naming the actresses most likely to conquer Hollywood. The 19-year-old screen star - who has already featured in blockbusters PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF...

Secretary Made Gyllenhaal Grow Up

MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL credits her breakthrough role in raunchy drama SECRETARY with making her grow up and broaden her sexual awareness. Gyllenhaal claims starring in the dark love story opposite JAMES SPADER tarnished her naive...

Knightley Gains Girl Power Crown

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY has cemented her rise to Hollywood fame by beating off stiff competition to be voted the ultimate 'Girl Power' star by a leading British movie magazine. The BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM star...

Gyllenhaal And Deschanel Battle For Pig Role

Actresses MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL and ZOOEY DESCHANEL are competing to take on the movie role of a girl with the face of a pig. LEGALLY BLONDE star REESE WITHERSPOON's production company TYPE A has optioned...

Kirsten's Thoughtful Christmas Gifts

SPIDER-MAN star KIRSTEN DUNST is buying all her friends animals for Christmas - but none of them will actually see their pet. The conscientious actress has decided to buy up a selection of farm...

Julia Roberts Prefers Ensemble Casts

Hollywood actress JULIA ROBERTS prefers to work as part of an ensemble cast, because she feels less pressure for the movie to perform well at the box office. The OSCAR-winning actress has appeared in...

Gyllenhaal's Sexy Tricks

Sexy MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL knows how to drive men wild - wear cotton panties. The SECRETARY actress doesn't understand women who go out without wearing any underwear because she's always found that men love a...

Julia Roberts Turns Real-life Teacher To Young Co-stars

JULIA ROBERTS' MONA LISA SMILE co-stars were given life lessons by the PRETTY WOMAN star - she taught them how to be powerful without being a bitch. The actress plays a teacher at exclusive...

Kirsten Thinks 'Smile' Is 'Safe'

KIRSTEN DUNST has hit out at her new movie MONA LISA SMILE, accusing it of being too "safe". The SPIDER-MAN actress stars alongside JULIA ROBERTS and MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL in the 1950's-set story of Massachusetts,...

Julia Upset At Having To Work

JULIA ROBERTS was far from happy on the set of new movie MONA LISA SMILE - because she wanted to be at home with her husband DANNY MODER. The actress started shooting the movie...

Kirsten Fell For Jake At The Movies

SPIDER-MAN star KIRSTEN DUNST fell for pal MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL's brother JAKE after watching him on the big screen. The actress had "sworn off of boys" after romances with actors TOBEY MAGUIRE and BEN FOSTER,...

Maggie Gyllenhaal: I Can't Afford A Television

Poor SECRETARY star MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL is so underpaid she cannot even afford to buy herself a TV set. The pretty actress, sister of DONNIE DARKO star JAKE, has starred in a number of productions...

Klum Is Big Apple's Sexiest Singleton

German supermodel HEIDI KLUM has been crowned New York's Sexiest Available Woman in this year's NEW YORK magazine Hot List. Klum, who separated from hairdresser husband RIC PIPINO late last year (02), and has...

Secretary Star Shakes Off Ugly Tag

SECRETARY actress MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL believes she's finally shaken off the 'goofy' tag after years of Hollywood prejudice. The 25-year-old ADAPTATION actress says casting directors would often turn her down for roles because they felt...

Maggie Gyllenhaal's Oscars Delight

SECRETARY star MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL thinks Hollywood is finally getting over its obsession with skinny women - based on the evidence at this year's OSCARS (03). The 25-year-old says the ACADEMY AWARDS ceremony in March...

Maggie Gyllenhaal's Secretary Challenge

Rising star MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL enjoyed taking on the role of submissive LEE HOLLOWAY in the movie SECRETARY - because it challenged traditional views of gender equality. In the film, Holloway is a troubled girl...

Spader's Spanking Fantasy

CRASH actor JAMES SPADER only agreed to star in the SECRETARY because it gave him the opportunity to spank co-star MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL. Having originally rejected the role, Spader changed his mind after seeing...

Maggie Gyllenhaal's Movie Ambiguity

Up-and-coming star MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL likes the ambiguity of her acting roles - as it means people can't pigeonhole her. The 25-year-old actress performs sex scenes and nudity in movie SECRETARY, and believes the film...

Maggie Gyllenhaal Would Be President

DONNIE DARKO star MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL wants to be President of America - but only for a day. The rising Hollywood star would like to take over from current incumbent GEORGE W. BUSH and alter...

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