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Debbie Reynolds--The Auction Finale

Mae West Costume - "Debbie Reynolds--The Auction Finale" VIP Reception; Auction conducted by on May 17 & 18, 2014 at the Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio - North Hollywood, California, United States - Thursday 15th May 2014

Bette Midler To Star As Mae West In New Biopic

Bette Midler Mae West

Veteran actress Bette Midler is slated to take on the role of Mae West in a new biopic about the movie legend.

The Beaches actress is attached to star and executive produce the project, which is based on West's 1959 autobiography Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It.

West's book chronicles her rise to stardom as she became one of the highest-grossing, and most controversial, stars of the 1930s.

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Raquel Welch: 'I Think Mae West Was A Man'

Raquel Welch Mae West

Movie beauty Raquel Welch still has her suspicions that Mae West was a male drag queen after getting up close and personal to the silver screen icon during one of her final films, Myra Breckinridge.

The two goddesses spent a lot of time in each other's company on the set of the 1970 film - and Welch admits she started to think there was something more than a little odd about her co-star.

During a Raquel Welch film retrospective in New York at the weekend (11-12Feb12), the still-stunning actress explained, "She never worked before 5pm and... she also never moved by herself, so the limo that took her to the studio, to her dressing room, also brought her onto the set. So they had to open the huge door where they load in scenery. She was kind of like a piece of scenery!

"When I went over to say hello to her (one day) I said, 'Hi, it's Raquel, remember?' She sort of extended her hand to me and I went to kiss the ring and one false fingernail painted silver fell to the floor. I looked at the hand and I thought, 'Oh, I'm getting a vibe'. I really think she's a man!

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Angelina Jolie's Voice Problems

Angelina Jolie Mae West Panda

Angelina Jolie was told off for doing "horrible voices" while recording the 'Kung Fu Panda' sequel.

The 'Salt' actress plays the part of Tigress in the film, but was so concerned about her own voice she began to put on accents - angering the executives behind the film who wanted her to sound natural.

She said: "I've never loved my own voice. Like most people, you hear your own voice and you think, 'Ugh.' So I came in and I was Mae West for a while.

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Dita Von Teese's Wallpaper Obsession

Dita Von Teese Beautiful Thing Mae West Marilyn Manson Mirrors

Dita Von Teese is "obsessed" with wallpaper.

The burlesque dancer - who was previously married to goth rocker Marilyn Manson - insisted on having a flocked velvet design put onto the walls of her Los Angeles home after falling in love with a similar design when she was a child.

She said: "When I was six, my family moved into a Victorian house with green and gold damask wallpaper.

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Jerry Hall Banned From Wearing Mini-skirts

Jerry Hall Barbara Stanwyck Bette Davis Karl Lagerfeld Mae West Marlene Dietrich Mick Jagger The Fashion

Jerry Hall has been banned from wearing mini-skirts by her daughter.

The 54-year-old former supermodel says she has stopped donning clothes that are deemed too young for her as 18-year-old Georgia May gets embarrassed by them.

She said: "I've had to give up leather pants and mini-skirts. I said to Georgia May, 'Can't I wear them with thick tights?' And she goes, 'No,' and then she took 'em all!"

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West Wanted Prison Stint

Mae West

Iconic American actress Mae West orchestrated a stint in jail on charges of indecent exposure because she thought prison would be an "interesting" experience, according to a new biography.

In 1927, the late vaudeville legend was prosecuted on charges one of her acts "corrupted the morals of youth" and sentenced to 10 days in a New York prison.

According to author Charlotte Chandler, West could have escaped the jail stint by simply paying a fine, but the actress insisted on serving her time - a total of eight days before she was released for good behaviour.

In new book about the star, titled She Always Knew How, Chandler quotes West as saying: "I was told I could pay the fine and get out of going to jail, but I made up my own mind. I decided it would be more interesting to go to prison. I was always fascinated by prisons and mental institutions... I wasn't going to be deprived of that experience. I saw those as 10 very valuable days, a kind of working vacation."

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Cooper Refused Sex With Mae West

Alice Cooper Mae West

Rocker Alice Cooper turned down the opportunity to bed late screen star Mae West - because he wasn't sure if the former sex symbol was truly feminine.
Cooper - who starred alongside the veteran actress in the movie Sextette in 1978 - reveals West was very keen to romance the then 30-year-old singer and even invited him back to her trailer - an offer the star vehemently refused.
He says, "Did she come onto me? You bet she did. We ended one of our scenes and Mae whispered to me, 'Why don't you come on back to my trailer?' I said, 'Because you're 86-years-old and I'm not sure if you're a woman or not!'"
West died in 1980, aged 87.

She Done Him Wrong Review

Mae West's most famous line appears in She Done Him Wrong, where you can finally discover that she's been being misquoted now for 73 years. Poor gal. Did you know she wrote the bulk of the films she appeared in? Who knew under the sneer and the sass there was an author? As for the story here, adapted from her play Diamond Lil, it's pretty much a bust: Nightclub owner Lady Lou (West) is semi-stalked by an old boyfriend who's been in the pokey for a spell. It's all over in about an hour, which serves mainly as a platform for West to crack wise at every boy in the room, including Cary Grant, the recipient of her signature line.

Mickey Hargitay Dead At 80

Mariska Hargitay Jayne Mansfield Mae West

LAW + ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT star Mariska Hargitay's bodybuilder father MICKEY HARGITAY has died after a lengthy illness. He was 80.
The Hungarian strongman, who was married to Jayne Mansfield, died last Thursday (14SEP06).
Hargitay was in hospital being treated for a mystery illness when his daughter gave birth to her first child in June (06).
The actress had to dash from a scheduled appearance on America's THE TONIGHT SHOW earlier this summer (06) to be by her father's bedside, and she broke down in tears as she paid tribute to him when she won her first Emmy Award in August (06).
She told reporters the best thing about winning an Emmy was "that my dad was gonna be really happy".
Born MIKLOS HARGITAY in 1926, the bodybuilder fled his native Hungary in 1947 to escape the compulsory Soviet military draft.
Hargitay won the Mr Universe bodybuilding title in 1955 and made his mark as a movie star in THE LOVES OF HERCULES after appearing in Mae West's New York revue.
Before gaining fame, he worked as a carpenter and plumber, and famously remodelled the Pink Palace - the Hollywood home he shared with Mariska's mother Mansfield.

Myra Breckinridge Review

The appropriate response to Myra Breckinridge is wide-eyed bafflement; anybody with anything resembling taste will recognize it as an awful movie within ten minutes. Released in 1970 and under practically Soviet-style repression until now, it is clumsily edited, horribly acted, and practically plotless. It is lascivious without being provocative, and it did damage to the public images of both Mae West and John Huston. No movie has worked harder to try one ironic gag after another and fail every single time; it is idiocy disguised as camp. Yet there's something transcendently misbegotten about Myra Breckinridge that makes it worth studying; the differences between the excellent book and a horrible movie has a few interesting things to say about Hollywood as it stumbled from the '60s into the '70s.

The film is based on Gore Vidal's bestselling 1968 novel, which gave us Myra as a magnificently over-the-top symbol of changing sexual mores, greed, revenge, Hollywood, and how they all intersect. In the hands of director Michael Sarne, the story became a messy sex farce; Vidal stepped away from the project, and for good reason. In the book, Myra romanticizes the great movies of the 1930s, arguing, in fact, that it was the best decade ever for movies. This inspires Sarne to raid the 20th Century Fox vault and cram in seemingly dozens of clips from Laurel & Hardy and Shirley Temple films, sometimes ironically, but mostly sitting there like a bad joke told at a dinner party. (It may be that Myra's sole usefulness is that it inspired a similar idea in the HBO TV series Dream On, actually done well.)

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Mae West

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