Madonna not only wanted to have Dennis Rodman's baby, she also wanted to marry him, according to the former basketball star.

It was recently claimed that Rodman, who dated Madonna in the early 1990s, once flew from Las Vegas to New York City in an unsuccessful attempt to impregnate the LIKE A VIRGIN singer.

And in his new autobiography I SHOULD BE DEAD BY NOW, Rodman also writes, "She wanted to get married - at least I think she did. She organised this intervention along with six female friends - the 'Madonna Mafia' I called them.

"Madonna was sitting right in the middle of this bunch, and she nodded at me and asked, 'Do you think I should marry this guy? He looks like a keeper.'"

Rodman, who was once briefly married to sexy actress Carmen Electra, says, "I'm pretty sure that when this book comes out (Madonna) will say, 'I never did this, I never did that.' Madonna's a great person... It's like a fairytale story with me and Madonna and all the things that happened in my life...

"I think back in '93, '94, her career was more at a standstill. I think that when I came in the picture I was a bad boy; she loved hanging out with bad boys and guys that were controversial. I think at the particular time I was the interesting one to pick."