Ritchie Turns Down Madonna's First Divorce Offer - Comments and Message Board

Guy Richie think, that he is smart.First when they got marriaged, he tried to conduct the popstar into a new image, he tried to convince her to prostitute herself for money, and not how the new wave style promised happiness and populariry.And now Guy Richie has used Madoona for his own career and capital. She is getting old, and he now want the reward for all the succes. Misused Madonna stand alone in solitude. Madonna don't deserve such a condemnation. Madonna allways laughed at criminals, it is common sence.she is innocent. Guy Richie misused her. She got to claim her legal right with power. It would be more sensible, if Maonna wanted all Guy Richies money, and left him moaning.Martin Barslev, artist.thought@mail.tele.dk

Posted 6 years 8 months ago by martinbarslev

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