Peter Hook thinks Madonna is "horrible" and "like a Black Widow" spider.

The former New Order and Joy Division bassist told Absolute Radio he met the star on the night of her first British concert - at cult Manchester nightclub The Hacienda which he co-ran - and said she was "horrible" and "used" people.

He said: "Madonna's like a Black Widow spider. She tends to use people, then they shrivel up and disappear. 

Peter, 53, revealed that a friend - who was managing Madonna at the time - persuaded him to let her sing in the club for cult TV programme 'The Tube' but she was less forthcoming when asked to perform again when as club opened later that evening.

He said: "She was horrible.  She was sat there with her back to us, and Rob went up and said 'We were wondering if you wanted to appear later at the club', and she just went 'F**k off'."