Madonna's new boyfriend believes he can "control" their romance.

Dancer Brahim Zaibat -who has been dating the 52-year-old singer for several months - insists he is comfortable romancing one of the world's most famous women and says being in the spotlight hasn't changed him.

Speaking about the aftermath of their romance being made public, he told Britain's Grazia magazine: "I wouldn't say things went too fast. My life did not really change. I am still the same person.

"I am not the jealous kind. As long as I feel I am in control, everything goes smoothly. I cannot deal with external authority. Madonna and I are very alike when it comes to that."

The 24-year-old dancer also admitted he is not a fan of the 'Material Girl' singer's music but has spent a lot of time listening to her back catalogue since they met.

He said: "Her music sure isn't what I would put on my iPod. But, like everybody else, I knew all her hits.

"And, since we met, I have listened to everything she has done. It turns out she has added a lot of hip hop and break-dancing influences to her latest work."

The couple met through a mutual friend earlier this year when the pal asked Brahim to dance at one of the singer's events.

Despite having to work with such a high-profile star, Brahim insists he wasn't nervous when they first met.

He said: "Norman asked me to dance for the launch of Material Girl (Madonna's fashion label) and then backstage I was introduced to her.

"She thanked me for my performance. I didn't feel like I met a monster. She was a woman almost like any other woman.

"I was really happy to meet her but I did not stress about it."