Madonna admits working on 'W.E.' "wasn't fun".

The 52-year-old singer wrote, produced, cast and directed the movie and found it to be incredibly difficult, though she learned a lot from the experience.

She said: "I researched and co-wrote the screenplay and I cast the film and then I produced it because I couldn't find a suitable producer in time before shooting, and then I had to direct it within 52 days.

"It was not fun at all. It was all-encompassing and gut-wrenchingly hard and very educational."

Despite finding it tough, Madonna is hoping to make more films in the future.

She added: "I love directing. I love all aspects of it and I hope to make another film.

"Sure - I feel the pressure now, just as when I began in my music career. I had to earn my way and to be taken seriously. I hope this is only the beginning for me."

The 'Hung Up' singer spent a long time working on the project before it went into development because she wanted to craft a "complex" story.

She explained: "It was a very complex idea I had. I didn't want to make a straightforward biopic, so I invented a modern-day story too, of a New Yorker called Wally Winthrop, which gave me a frame with which to weave back and forth between the two stories."