Madonna has offered up a practical solution to stamp out bullying - she's encouraging fans to give up gossip for one day to eradicate cruel teasing.
The Papa Don't Preach singer has spoken out against bullying after a number of American teens allegedly ended their lives over hateful taunts from classmates.
Madonna is convinced students can eradicate the problem if they stop gossiping about their peers, and she is urging everyone to try it for one day.
Appearing via satellite on The Ellen DeGeneres show, she says, "I think it would be interesting for everybody to try one simple experiment. If you want to talk about solutions or how can we solve this problem, try to get through the day, each and every one of us, without gossiping about somebody. Without gossiping about anybody. And not only that - not even listening to gossip. Walking away from it.
"Can you imagine what your day would be like? How much more free time you'd have? I also feel like you'd feel better about yourself."