Madonna's alleged stalker claims he won't stop pursuing her until he meets the singer.

Retired fire-fighter Robert Linhart - who has been arrested twice since Saturday (18.09.10) - was arraigned in court yesterday (22.09.10) on charges of criminal mischief, graffiti and being in possession of a homemade 7.5 inch ice pick, after writing messages to the pop superstar on the Pavement outside her apartment in Upper West Side, New York City.

The messages read "Meet me please", "Tell me yes or no" and "If it's yes, my dream will come true. If it's no, I will go."

According to court documents, he reportedly told officers after his arrest on Tuesday (21.09.10): "I can be here. This is police brutality. I have a right to do this. I am not doing anything wrong.

"I keep running into Madonna. I saw her in 1992 and I'd actually like to meet her in person. I won't stop until I actually meet Madonna.

"I'm going to go right back there and do it again."

This followed his earlier arrest on Saturday, where he played loud music out of his car and was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and criminal possession of a weapon.

He appeared in front of Manhattan Court Judge Frank Nervo yesterday, where the judge set Linhart's bail at $20,000 - double the sum originally suggested by prosecutors.

However, Madonna has confessed she isn't worried about Linhart's behaviour and actions.

When asked if she was scared for her safety, she replied: "No."

Linhart's lawyer Sheryl Bader has defended her client's actions, claiming he has done nothing wrong.

She said: "There was no threatening conduct. My understanding is it's not a crime to adore Madonna. If it were, the court would be a lot more crowded."