People who gathered in New York’s Washington Square Park last night got a surprise as Madonna hosted an impromptu gig in order to urge voters to back Hillary Clinton in this week’s presidential election.

The event, held on Monday evening (November 7th) in freezing conditions near Greenwich Village, drew a sizeable crowd despite the inclement conditions and a lack of significant notice. Earlier in the day, Madonna had hinted at such an event, but had kept the time and location a secret until the last moment.

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“This concert is about unifying us,” the Queen of Pop said as she got onstage, accompanied by a red guitar, a backing musician and her son David. “How are we going to keep America great?

“We are going to elect a president who does not discriminate against women, who does not discriminate against the LGBT community, who does not discriminate against people of colour, that does not want to build a wall around our country and separate us from the rest of the world. This is a concert about peace.”

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Pointedly making a stand against the controversial Donald Trump, she said in between songs: “Women are marginalised, let’s face it… as far as I’m concerned, we still live in an extremely chauvinist, sexist, misogynist country, and that’s why Hillary Clinton needs to be president.”

During her 20-minute set, she went through five songs including ‘Express Yourself’, ‘Don’t Tell Me’, ‘Rebel Heart’, ‘Like a Prayer’ and a cover version of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’.

You May Say I'm A Dreamer..........but I'm not the only one! ????Vote ???? for ????H.R.C. ??????????

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The 58 year old pop megastar threw her support behind Democratic candidate Clinton back in September, and has been campaigning strongly on her behalf alongside fellow musicians Jay Z and Beyonce.

Last month, Madonna memorably promised free oral sex for everybody who votes for Clinton when she opened for Amy Schumer’s stand-up gig in New York City.

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