No, Madonna is not a billionaire after all, says Forbes. After several media outlets ran reports that the earnings from Madge’s MDNA album and the subsequent world tour put her in the elite club, the publication ran the numbers and the singer didn’t even come close.

Six years ago, Forbes estimated the reigning queen of pop’s net worth at $325 million. And while you’d think six years was enough time to earn enough cash and crack the billion, her earnings in that time just didn't cut it. According to the magazine, she has raked in around $320 in the years between then and now, which, minus tax comes out to a measly (well, not really) $112 million. There’s a bit of basic arithmetic involved, but let’s just put it this way: she’s still VERY rich, but no, Madonna isn’t a billionaire. Forbes goes on to add that while there are a number of billionaires, who made their fortunes in the entertainment biz, Oprah Winfrey for example, none of them are actors or singers.

And Madonna, who hasn’t been having too good of a year so far, is certainly not one of them. Her latest album only managed to go gold in the US, selling half a million copies and moved about the same amount off the shelves abroad. Even added to her tour profits and endorsement deals, that’s not enough to put Madge in the same category as Bill Gates. Not even close.

Madonna, American Airlines Arena
Madonna is as active as ever, just not pulling in as much cash.