Madonna's former manager has testified he hired embattled Los Angeles private investigator Anthony Pellicano to snoop on his son-in-law. Freddy DeMann briefly testified in court on Thursday (27Mar08) in Pellicano's ongoing wiretapping trial and revealed he paid the private detective $135,000 (GBP67,500) to keep an eye on his daughter Pilar's then-husband. DeMann suspected Paul Rusconi of cheating on his daughter and wanted proof of any infidelity. The music mogul told the federal court Pellicano played him tapes of Rusconi talking to a number of different people, adding, "As far as I could tell, it was on the phone." DeMann claims the tapes revealed Rusconi's "dalliances". Pellicano is charged with wiretapping, racketeering and other crimes. DeMann isn't the only big name linked to the complex trial - Tom Cruise, Chris Rock, Steven Seagal, Farrah Fawcett and Warren Beatty have all been linked to the case. Comedian Rock recently told Rolling Stone magazine he hired Pellicano in an effort to find out who was funding Monica Zsibrita's paternity battle against him in 1998. Rock said, "We kind of hired Pellicano to find out where the money was coming from. That was it." Meanwhile, Cruise was linked to the private detective when it emerged in court earlier this month (Mar08) that he hired Pellicano in a bid to uncover the identity of people following him. The trial continues.