Madonna is currently gearing up for her appearance at the Super Bowl next weekend and NY Daily News have reported that the 'Vogue' singer will be "bringing gay" to the event. Or, at least, that's what her dancers have been overheard as saying. The comment was apparently overheard at the premiere party of her new film, W.E. Exactly what was meant by the comment is unclear but what is known is that Madonna will be performing 'Give Me All Your Luvin' as well as some "oldies but goodies."
When she hit the red carpet, Madonna told reporters that she's nervous about the performance and she has every right to be; the Superbowl is a big deal in the US and the entertainment usually end up hitting the headlines, for better or for worse. In 2004, when Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake performed, an "accidental" wardrobe malfunction resulted in one of Janet's breasts being exposed, much to the consternation of the American public. At least Madonna doesn't have to worry about getting the national anthem right, though. This year, that particular duty has fallen on Kelly Clarkson. She's done a pretty outstanding job of performing 'Star Spangled Banner' in the past so Super Bowl Fans will be keeping their fingers crossed that she turns out one of her top performances.
Madonna's latest film W.E. stars Abbie Cornish and James D'Arcy. So far, the reviews for the film have been less than kind, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 10, according to the Rotten Tomatoes website. She is set to release a new album, entitled M.D.N.A and will no doubt be hoping that it will divert public attention away from the relative failure of the film, which she wrote and directed.