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Sisters Trailer

Maura and Jane have a lot of differences; Maura has a high-flying job at a hospital, though is recovering from a divorce and a little nervous when it comes to meeting other men, while Jane is, well, not. They're nonetheless the best sisters you could imagine and always bring out the best in each other. However, when they're parents call them back to their childhood home, they discover that it's been sold and they have to clean out the room they had as girls. Going through their old stuff brings back a lot of memories though, and Jane decides to encourage Maura to throw a huge neighborhood party before they have to leave. It's a time where they can re-connect to their teenage selves, hook up with some cute guys and get totally drunk. This is going to be messy.

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Noah Premiere

Madison Davenport - Noah premiere at Ziegfeld theater - NY, New York, United States - Thursday 27th March 2014

Noah - Featurette

The cast and crew of ‘Noah’; director Darren Aronofsky, actors Russell Crowe and Emma Watson, and production designer Mark Friedberg; discuss the creation of the ark on set in a short featurette.

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Noah - Extended Trailer

Noah is a normal family man faced with major responsibility when his dark visions lead him to see God's plan to wipe out the corrupt humanity that has plagued his Earth. When he realises that a great flood will be the disaster that will destroy all life, he subsequently sees that a new life will come after it that he must help to re-create. He and his family decide to build a colossal ark to keep them safe from the oncoming catastrophe, and thus use it to save the planet's animals as well. However, the fact that they have been blessed to live has angered their fellow neighbours, who band together in an attempt to seize the ark and save themselves. In an extraordinary turnaround, Noah and his family find themselves facing the bigger threat of their own people, rather than the deadly wrath of the Lord himself.

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Noah Trailer

When Noah is faced with a dark message from God thanks to his gift of envisioning the future, he realises he is the only person who can save the world. The Lord is angry with the entirety of humanity for their increasingly violent behaviour, and is thus forced to oversee an enormous flood deadly enough to wipe out all people and animals on the planet. Noah and his family are the only humans on the planet who God is willing to save, and so they build an ark big enough to home two of every animal as well as themselves as God attempts to start over again. However, when word gets around that Noah is given the gift of survival while everybody else is doomed to die, naturally a siege ensues and Noah must protect himself and his family against more than one great threat.

This Biblical dystopian tale is based on the Genesis story 'Noah's Ark' which depicts an apocalyptic flood destroying mankind. It has been directed by Darren Aronofsky ('Black Swan', 'The Wrestler', 'Requiem for a Dream ') who co-wrote the screenplay alongside his previous collaborator Ari Handel ('The Fountain'). 'Noah' will be released next year on March 28th 2014.

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The Possession Trailer

A loving and happy young girl called Em Brenek buys an intriguing antique box whilst at a yard sale with her Mom and Dad, Clyde and Stephanie. Em becomes increasingly obsessed with the box when she opens it and her behaviour begins to get more and more volatile and aggressive. Little did any of them know that the box, which was extremely difficult to open initially, contained a dibbuk; a dislocated malevolent spirit known in Jewish folklore to possess its host and eventually kill them.

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Madison Pettis's 13th Birthday Party At Eden - Arrivals

Madison Davenport Sunday 31st July 2011 Madison Pettis's 13th birthday party at Eden - Arrivals Los Angeles, California, USA

Camp Ronald McDonald 16th Annual Family Halloween Carnival

Madison Davenport Sunday 26th October 2008 Camp Ronald McDonald 16th Annual Family Halloween Carnival Universal City, CA

Madison Davenport
Madison Davenport
Madison Davenport

AIDS Foundation's 15th Annual Dream Halloween Event

Madison Davenport Saturday 25th October 2008 AIDS Foundation's 15th Annual Dream Halloween Event Los Angeles, California

Madison Davenport

Humboldt County Review

Writer-directors Danny Jacobs and Darren Grodsky cite Bob Rafelson's Five Easy Pieces as a major inspiration behind their debut feature Humboldt County. Indeed, both films involve lost young men who feel alienated from their fathers, and who find themselves on a soul-searching road trip in which they confront their innermost insecurities. But beneath these cosmetic similarities, Humboldt County is less the raw and daring cinema in the vein of Five Easy Pieces, and more just another Sundance-friendly "indie" flick, a slightly more off-kilter version of, say, Garden State.

Like the mentally-stunted protagonist of Garden State, we have Peter, Humboldt County's med school flunkie. Jeremy Strong's performance as Peter gives Zach Braff's in Garden State a run for its money for its sheer criminal blandness. Strong plays Peter as a cipher, wavering between the emotional blankness of a borderline catatonic and the comic dithering of a nebbish. Peter's identity has been neutered by a domineering father (Peter Bogdanovich), a UCLA medical professor who one day tells his underperforming son, who's also his student, that he's going to flunk him.

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Attends The Dvd Release Party For The Film Alvin And The Chipmunks, Held At El Rey Theatre

Madison Davenport and El Rey Theatre Thursday 27th March 2008 attends the Dvd Release party for the film Alvin and the Chipmunks, held at El Rey Theatre Los Angeles,California

Madison Davenport

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'The Martian' Enjoys Massive Opening Weekend At American Box Offices

'The Martian' Enjoys Massive Opening Weekend At American Box Offices

Matt Damon and Ridley Scott’s new blockbuster The Martian has landed at the top...

The Martian - Movie Review

The Martian - Movie Review

Just as people began to write off veteran director Ridley Scott after a series of merely OK movies, the 77-year-old casually releases his most...

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