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It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World 50th Anniversary

Barrie Chase - 50th Anniversary screening and celebration of Stanley Kramer's 'It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World' at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome - Los Angeles, CA, United States - Monday 28th October 2013

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Mad World and Barrie Chase
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Whitney Houston Owned Ginger Rogers' Dancing Shoes

Whitney Houston Anthony Perkins Aretha Franklin Bette Davis Bobbi Kristina Bobby Brown Clive Davis David Gest Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers Judy Garland Leslie Caron Mad World Michael Jackson Rhys Darby Sidney Poitier Disneyland

Whitney Houston's estate contains a pair of Ginger Rogers' dancing shoes personally signed by the screen icon.

The late singer was a huge fan of classic Hollywood movies and like her godmother Aretha Franklin - who collects Bette Davis and Judy Garland memorabilia, among other things - she was an avid buyer of memorabilia from her favourite film stars.

Among Whitney's vast collection is a pair of shoes Ginger wore when she danced with Fred Astaire in one the 10 films they starred in together.

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Meat Loaf's Appreciation For Rap

Meat Loaf Anthrax Bat Out Of Hell Chuck D Lil Jon Mad World Public Enemy

Meat Loaf invited Chuck D to work with him because of his new ''appreciation'' for rap.

The 'Bat Out Of Hell' rocker teamed up with the Public Enemy star for a track on his latest album 'Hell In A Handbasket' because he had been researching the musical genre and developed a fascination with it.

He explained: ''I have Chuck D rapping on a version of Tom Cochrane's 'Mad Mad World'. I already had Lil Jon on the record and when I started to research the rap and hip hop world, I began to appreciate the art form and the poetry involved, so I wanted a rap guy to do 'Mad Mad World'.

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Susan Boyle Now A Music Master

Susan Boyle Depeche Mode Journey Mad World Righteous Brothers Steps Tears For Fears

Susan Boyle feels like she was just "learning her trade" when she recorded her first two albums.

The 'I Dreamed a Dream' singer finds it "overwhelming" she has sold 14 million albums in her short career since rising to fame on TV Talent show 'Britain's Got Talent' in 2009, and didn't even feel like a professional when she started out.

She said: "Well it was overwhelming because never in my wildest imagination did I think I'd sell that many records.

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Lily Allen Has Battled Through Pain

Lily Allen Channel 4 Mad World Madonna

Lily Allen has gone through a "long battle" following the loss of her baby.

The 25-year-old singer - who lost her first child with boyfriend Sam Cooper when she was six months pregnant last November - admitted the tragedy has changed her as a person and she has struggled to come to terms with what happened

She said: "It was a really long battle - and I think that kind of thing changes a person."

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Weller + Magic Numbers Go Under The Covers

Paul Weller The Magic Numbers Beyonce Knowles Crazy In Love Dido K.D. Lang Glen Campbell James Taylor Leonard Cohen Robert Plant Led Zeppelin Black Dog Gary Jules Mad World Tears For Fears

Paul Weller has tackled ROSE ROYCE's WISHING ON A STAR and The Magic Numbers attempt Beyonce Knowles' Crazy In Love on a quirky new covers compilation.
They're joined by artists like R.E.M., Dido and k.d.lang, covering tunes by Glen Campbell, James Taylor and Leonard Cohen on SOUNDS ECLECTIC: THE COVERS PROJECT, which will be sold exclusively at Starbucks coffee stores across America this spring (07).
The album, which also features Robert Plant revamping his old Led Zeppelin classic Black Dog, was inspired by Gary Jules' international hit Mad World, a cover of a Tears For Fears tune.

Kramer's Widow Plans Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Sequel

Stanley Kramer Mad World George Clooney Donald Trump Mickey Rooney Carl Reiner Jerry Lewis Bill Clinton Brad Pitt

The widow of the late Stanley Kramer is bringing the director's cult comedy IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, Mad World back to the big screen, and she wants George Clooney and Donald Trump to join the existing cast members from the 1963 original in the new film.
KAREN SHARPE KRAMER has joined forces with BOBBY producer ED BASS to shape a sequel to the hit movie after discovering just how popular her late husband's film still is during a 40th anniversary tour in 2003.
Stars like Mickey Rooney, Carl Reiner and Jerry Lewis, who starred in the original, have been urging her to revisit the masterpiece for years, and now she's ready to plan a sequel.
Kramer insists she'll pay tribute to the comics from the original, who have since passed away, by featuring clips of them in the new movie - and she wants the new movie to also feature US cultural icons like former President Bill Clinton and property tycoon DONALD TRUMP.
Kramer is also hoping to persuade Reiner's OCEAN'S ELEVEN castmates Clooney and Brad Pitt to join the star-studded sequel line-up.
She says, "I presented George with the Stanley Kramer Award for GOOD NIGHT + GOOD LUCK in 2006 and he's a big fan of my husband's work. I'd like to find him just the right role in the sequel.
"We won't be doing this for the money, but for the spirit, so I'm hoping that, like Bobby, a number of stars will want to play a part."

Dido, Young + Belle + Sebastian Compete For Novello Glory

Dido Pop Idol Will Young SebastiAn Ivor Novello Ozzy Osbourne Kelly Osbourne Mad World Michael Andrews Gary Jules Kylie Minogue

Dido, Pop Idol winner Will Young and Scottish group BELLE + SebastiAn will compete for this year's (04) top prize at next month's (MAY04) Ivor Novello AWARDS in London.

The three acts are the favourites to receive the prestigious Best Song Award at the ceremony, while Young's LEAVE RIGHT NOW has also been nominated among the Best-Selling UK Singles.

Dido's WHITE FLAG and Belle and Sebastian's STEP INTO MY OFFICE BABY are Young's opposition for Best Song, while Ozzy + Kelly Osbourne's Christmas duet CHANGES and Mad World by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules will challenge Young for the Best-selling award.

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Mad World Gets The Gondry Treatment For America

Gary Jules Tears For Fears Mad World White Stripes Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Jim Carrey Kate Winslet

Gary Jules's version of Tears For Fears classic Mad World is finally getting an American release - and maverick video director MICHAEL GONDRY is in charge of the promo.

The track - taken from the soundtrack of cult film DONNIE DARKO - was the surprise Christmas (03) number one in the UK, beating hot favourites THE DARKNESS to the top spot.

And now the 2002 JAKE GYLLENHAAL-starring movie is getting re-released in the country, executives decided to unleash the haunting song to coincide.

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Tears For Fears Still Hurting Over Radiohead Attack

Tears For Fears Thom Yorke Mad World Radiohead

Eighties pop sensation Tears For Fears are still bitter after Thom Yorke attacked their cover version of his hit single CREEP.

The Mad World hitmakers covered Radiohead's first single in 1993, soon after RADIOHEAD had found fame - but they were shocked when Yorke rubbished their interpretation of the song.

Tears For Fears frontman ROLAND ORZABAL says, "It destroyed me. I'm never going to cover another Radiohead song again as long as I live.

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Tears For Fears: We're Not Cashing In On Gary Jules' Success

Tears For Fears Gary Jules Mad World Donnie Darko

Eighties pop stars Tears For Fears have blasted reports they're reforming to capitalise on Gary Jules' chart-topping cover of their song Mad World.

CURT SMITH and ROLAND ORZABAL's composition gained renewed popularity when Jules' rendition featured on cult movie Donnie Darko and later became a number one single, but the duo insist three years of songwriting was the only motive for their return to the music industry.

Orzabal says, "What kind of weird synchronicity would be afoot if we had new product ready at the same time that Mad World was at number one in the UK? That would be very strange indeed.

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