The 'Can't Hold Us' No.1 duo, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are to help MTV celebrate Independence Day during the channel's 12 hour dedication to music. According to MTV, "Macklemore & Lewis's independent status makes them the perfect poster children for MTV's July 4 Music Independence Day Blow Out, a 12-hour celebration of music from superstars and emerging artists alike." VH1 and CMT will also be getting in on the all-day party, with 12 hours' worth of music programming planned from 6am to 6pm on the national holiday. MTV describes the order of the day to be "all your favorite videos - in between celebrating our nation's birth/blowing stuff up," with no further hint as to what exactly will be blown up.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Mack & Lew Heading A Day To Celebrate Artists New And Old.

In a return to its musical roots, along with VH1 and CMT, MTV will turn Wednesday 4th into a 12 hour party with hours dedicated to various different genres to soundtrack your celebrations as well as online battles between emerging bands on the 'Artist Platform.' Bands looking for a kickstart in the music industry's competitive environment can compete against each other to win a TV-airing of their music video which could give them a much-needed publicity boost. The president of Viacom Networks, Van Toffler, explained the potential benefits of the 'Artist Platform': "Even if they don't make it on the air, it's good exposure and provides a gathering place for fans."

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Music Independence Day: Tv To Get Tipsy To.

The Fourth of July rarely brings huge viewer figures towards their TV set, but a day to celebrate music as well as an online battle of the bands will provide great soundtracking to revellers at American house parties and a perfect platform for emerging acts to launch from. Mack & Lew will see you soon!