For commuters on a New York City bus, the start of this cold wintery day seemed like any other, until one of music's hottest new acts jumped aboard.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis shocked the bus riders by performing an impromptu concert while it was still driving.

After the duo paid their fare, Lewis pulled down his hood, pushed 'play' on his boom box, and began to clap the beat, The Hollywood Reporter notes.

Macklemore walked back and forth in the bus's aisle, while throwing paper towels in the air, and performed their hit track 'Can't Hold Us'.

The other bemused passengers danced and sang along.

Although the video was uploaded only a few days ago, the time stamp on the clip shows it was recorded in November last year (2013).

This cleverly executed stunt is part of the Grammy's 'Music Unleashes Us' multiplatform ad campaign, as well as to promote the upcoming 56th Grammy Awards.

This is one of four films and the other three include the hit songs of Eminem, Katy Perry and Pink with Fun's Nate Ruess.

The hip-hop duo are set to perform at this year's coveted music award ceremony and are also nominated for a staggering seven prizes, hopefully they will at least win one.

"Up until a year, a year and a half ago, we were an underground rapper that only a small percentage of the population had heard," Macklemore said to MTV News following the release of the Grammy nominations.

"And to be here, and to reach this scale, I would have never thought that our music would affect this many people and be heard by this many people. It's the highest honor; it's the peak of what you strive for in terms of being recognized for the music that you make."

Good Luck!

Watch Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's stunt below