Actress Mackenzie Phillips has been told to stay away from her extended family's Thanksgiving Day get together on Thursday (26Nov09) because she's not welcome after going public with incest claims against her late father.
Phillips stunned the world earlier this year (09) when she revealed she and her father, Mamas & The Papas star John Phillips, had a decade-long romance, which began with a non-consensual sex encounter.
She went public with the shocking revelation in her bestselling book High on Arrival - and then appeared on U.S. TV shows to discuss her twisted relationship with her late dad.
The big reveal split her family, with half-sister Chynna supporting her decision to come forward and stepmother Michelle Phillips insisting MACkenzie was wrong to go public with the incest claims.
And now it seems John's Mamas & The Papas bandmate and ex-wife is having the final say on the controversy by insisting MACkenzie stays away from the family over Thanksgiving.
MACkenzie says, "I have been uninvited to the family Thanksgiving, which is very difficult."
Meanwhile, in a recent interview with U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight, Michelle states she still struggles to believe her recovering drug addict stepdaughter's incest story: "I respect John, I will always respect him as a musician and a man... If these accusations were gonna be made, they should have been made while John was alive."
MACkenzie has confessed she knew the revelations in her memoirs would upset her stepmother. In a TV interview in September (09), the actress said, "There are a lot of people who won't be happy about this book because they don't want these truths revealed about a man who was a hero to them and some of those people are in my own family."
Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on Monday (23Nov09), Michelle states, "I really don't wanna discuss this at all. I refuse to get drawn into the controversy."