Rapper Mack 10 is in trouble again after he was sued for unpaid studio time.
The hip-hop star - real name Dedrick Rolison - returned to the studio for the first time since his 2009 album Soft White to work on a new record set to be released later this year (11).
However, Rolison allegedly failed to pay up for the use of The Doghouse Studio and is being sued by the venue's boss Rodger Carter for failing to pay $2,165 (£1,353) in hiring fees, according to Tmz.com.
The suit was filed at a small claims court in Malibu, California last month (Feb11).
Rolison was sued last year (10) over allegations he failed to pay a leading hip-hop producer $60,000 (£37,500) in royalties for his work on Soft White.