Sunny Holiday is a karaoke singer with delusions of grandeur. It's not that he's a bad singer or lacks stage presence -- heck, cue up a catchy country tune in a roadside bar and Sunny can get folks to dancing with his sad-sack twangy stylings.

But Sunny (Jon Gries) keeps telling himself it's only a matter of time before he's "discovered" in one of these dives and swept into a showbiz fantasy world. It's to that end that Sunny -- an unemployed absentee father who sleeps in a 20-year-old pink Chrysler and drives all over the Southwest seeking karaoke contents -- has hired a manager.

Lester (Garrett Morris) sleeps in the car too. He's followed Sunny to 43 cities, offering fatigued, musty words of encouragement in dingy men's rooms and insisting that his only client is building a fan base on this "tour." Meanwhile, they're paying for gas with jars of pennies, and Sunny's only contact with his wife and baby daughter are the quick-pick lotto tickets he sends home once a week, likening them to child support.

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