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Phoenix Struggles With Historical Bootcamp

26th July 2004

Movie-maker M NIGHT SHYAMALAN put the cast of his latest chiller THE VILLAGE through a three-week 19th century bootcamp - so they'd know all about the hardships of the period. Stars like ADRIEN BRODY,...

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Shyamalan Picked Gibson For His Beliefs

21st July 2004

Filmmaker M NIGHT SHYAMALAN picked MEL GIBSON to play a conflicted priest in SIGNS because he knew he was a committed Catholic. Shyamalan felt sure the actor could give weight to the character -...

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Sci Fi Channel Admits Shyamalan Story Was A Lie

19th July 2004

Bosses at the SCI FI CHANNEL have admitted their reported rift with director M NIGHT SHYAMALAN is a lie contrived to drum up publicity for their documentary about him. The network was said to...

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The Village's Ending A Mystery Even To The Stars

16th July 2004

The ending of film-maker M NIGHT SHYAMALAN's upcoming movie THE VILLAGE is being kept such a big secret even the castmembers are unaware of how it will conclude. The thriller, which features JOAQUIN PHOENIX,...

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Shyamalan's Tv Secret Revealed

9th July 2004

LATEST: Director M NIGHT SHYAMALAN's battle with American TV network the SCI-FI CHANNEL to stop them screening a documentary revolves around a drowning that took place when he was 11. The SIXTH SENSE movie...

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Shyamalan Seeks To Halt Documentary-makers

6th July 2004

THE SIXTH SENSE director M NIGHT SHYAMALAN has contacted lawyers to try to shut down the makers of a SCI-FI CHANNEL documentary called THE BURIED SECRET OF M NIGHT SHYAMALAN. Director NATHANIEL KAHN and...

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O'donnell Returns To Acting

5th May 2004

Former chat show host ROSIE O'DONNELL is set to return to acting after a six year hiatus - by starring in a new television movie. The lesbian star, who recently 'wed' her long-term girlfriend...

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Shyamalan Praises Ron Howard's Daughter

4th May 2004

Director M NIGHT SHYAMALAN is happy KIRSTEN DUNST opted out of starring in his upcoming movie THE VILLAGE, because he thinks RON HOWARD's daughter BRYCE has proved to be perfect for the role. Bryce,...

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Shyamalan Uses Old Movie To Promote New Project

26th April 2004

Director M NIGHT SHYAMALAN is treating fans to a special sneak peek at his new thriller THE VILLAGE during a TV broadcast of his hit movie THE SIXTH SENSE in America tonight (26APR04). The...

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Ron Howard's Daughter To Replace Nicole Kidman In Trier Trilogy

3rd December 2003

Film-maker RON HOWARD's daughter BRYCE is expected to replace NICOLE KIDMAN in LARS VON TRIER's next two films in the trilogy he started with DOGVILLE. The 21-year-old actress, who's currently shooting M NIGHT SHYAMALAN's...

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New Shyamalan Film In The Works At Fox

10th October 2003

Acclaimed director M NIGHT SHYAMALAN is considering leaving the protective atmosphere of his home at DISNEY STUDIOS - because he's desperate to direct the film of a BOOKER PRIZE-winning novel. His films so far,...

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Sixth Sense Director Makes Donation To Philadelphia

1st October 2003

Director M NIGHT SHYAMALAN is donating $1.5 million (GBP937,500) to help revitalise the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, neighbourhood that served as a backdrop to his hit film THE SIXTH SENSE. The money will help rehabilitate 31...

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Gibson's Phoenix Prank

1st August 2003

Movie hunk JOAQUIN PHOENIX joined the long list of victim's of MEL GIBSON's practical jokes whilst they filmed hit movie SIGNS together. The pair were shooting M NIGHT SHYAMALAN's supernatural thriller when fun-loving Mel...

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Shyamalan Heads For The Woods

22nd May 2003

Movie maker M NIGHT SHYAMALAN is set to scare the living daylights out of cinema-goers again - after signing up to direct THE WOODS. ASHTON KUTCHER, KIRSTEN DUNST and JOAQUIN PHOENIX are in negotiations...

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