Review of Blondehead Album by Lyrebirds

Lyrebirds' Blondehead EP crashes through the sound waves, opening with a determined guitar riff reminiscent of early Stereophonics, which is then flanked by forceful, driving bass and drum. 'Now I Know Why' is an energetic punch of an indie rock track reeking of the likes of Interpol, Editors and White Lies with Adam Day's Morrissey-esque vocals powering over tight and determined instrumental support.

The Brighton-based quintets' EP continues to power forward in a similar vein with 'Only Dreaming' led by a dominant bass riff and plunging into a chorus equally as determined as their opener. 'Shadow Boxer' has a dingy, menacing feel to it with a low guitar riff echoing throughout below military snare and marching bass drum before crunching into an angsty indie-rock chorus. There's menace, there's attitude, there's determination; great stuff.

The early-established raw energy is contrasted somewhat by the beautiful melodic-rock conclusion to the EP, 'What A Beautiful Way', which is a much more down-tempo, sensitive track with low vocals sounding over organ, gentle guitar and later gently throbbing drums. 'What A Beautiful Way' then builds with Coldplay-esque guitars and drums up into a powerful instrumental, then another repetition of the chorus before briefly dying back again and then plunging into a second post-rock instrumental, climaxing with chorused 'oooh' vocals to close.

Lyrebirds Blondehead Album

Lyrebirds' Blondehead EP is a good effort showcasing bucket loads of potential through determined, charging indie-rock fusion alongside more sensitive post-rock edge; thumbs up.

Hannah Spencer

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