Review of Lonely At The Top Album by Lukid

UK producer Lukid releases 'Lonely At The Top' on Ninja Tunes. Certainly, this latest release establishes Lukid as a credible producer, creating an album that is soothing, intriguing and pretty sophisticated. Indeed, the opening track 'Bless My Heart' creates a slowed down disco funk track that invites familiarity, yet doesn't quite fit into any box. In fact, the whole album leaves you guessing. Bringing fusions of dub step, to electronic ambient soundscapes and bringing P- funk inspired infusions; it's all pretty darn cool! 

Lukid Lonely At The Top Album

I think Lukid should be proud of this work. Myself being a discerning music listener who's had his fair share of dance club experiences, listening to this album allows me to reflect after or inspires, as an album in the background, that conjuring contemplation and thought that, for me, is a good thing. Indeed, it's the spaces in the production that gives Lukid a thumbs up in my mind, as well as an obvious desire to maintain his integrity which makes this album certainly intriguing and quite pioneering too. Good stuff!

Tareck Ghoneim

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