Review of The Forever House Album by Luke Toms

Luke Toms
The Forever House
Album Review

Luke Toms The Forever House Album

If I slag this off will his ridiculous moustache rape me? No? Very well then, aside from being a total freak loser, Luke Toms, cannot write music. Words cannot express how terrible this album actually is. Beware; eleven tracks of absolute torture are what face you if you happen to have the misfortune of buying it. His singing, even though you can't possibly call it that, is abysmal and his accompaniment is spontaneous, shocking nonsense. At one point it got so bad I thought he and his musicians were on drugs or something; either that, or completely incompetent.

It's probably the worst thing I've ever heard. Worse than Steps, worse than the Fast-Food Rockers, worse than S Club Juniors and probably worse than Bob The Builder, at least for the most part they were in tune. Don't give this artist the pleasure of knowing that you bought his album.


Daniel Black

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