Luke Temple Announces Solo Album 'Good Mood Fool' Out 14th October 2013

Luke Temple Announces Solo Album 'Good Mood Fool' Out 14th October 2013

Here We Go Magic frontman Luke Temple will release his solo album 'Good Mood Fool' on 14th October via Secretly Canadian.

'Good Mood Fool', recorded in upstate New York during downtime from the band, is a bold step on from his earlier solo records, an album that takes in references from Compass Point, blue eyed soul and vivid adventurous pop.

Although Here We Go Magic, who count Thom Yorke, Nigel Godrich, Grizzly Bear and Broken Social Scene as fans and collaborators, is undoubtedly Luke's band, it is the band environment that ultimately led him to this solo album 'Good Mood Fool'.

"The difference here," he says, "is that [solo] I could just sit and follow through an idea I had to its fruition - I would wake up in the morning with a vision of something and work solidly for 12 hours until I got close to it, I could obsess over one thing until I had actualised the image I had. In the band I don't have the luxury of the time to do that, because there's five other people in the band and we all have to make compromises to work with each other. This project was a way to indulge myself completely."

He also expressly chose to use conventions that HWGM would have rejected: "There's people in my band who say 'I don't want to play anything bluesy' or 'it can't be too funky', they see those as cliches - but I think if you take those seeming cliches and go into them with full conviction, what comes out when you get to the other side is actually something more unique."

'Good Mood Fool' Track Listing:
'Hard Working Hand'
'Those Kids'
'Jessica Brown Findlay'
'Terrified Witness'
'Love Won't Receive'
'Hardest Working Self Made Mexican'