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Fifty Shades of Grey Review


After all the hype, it's impossible not to expect steam from this adaptation of E.L. James' mommy-porn bestseller, but the average episode of Red Shoe Diaries is friskier than this movie. Still, it's a well written and played drama, building an unusual romance with a series of scenes that are sometimes sexy but never actually transgressive. And the nicest surprise is that in the hands of director Sam Taylor-Johnson it becomes a witty tale of female empowerment.

It's set in the American Northwest, where Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) is finishing her studies as an English literature major when she's asked by her journalist roommate Kate (Eloise Mumford) to interview Seattle's most eligible bachelor, billionaire Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). Ana's awkwardly confident approach immediately gets under his skin, and he pursues her as if she's a corporate acquisition, complete with non-disclosure agreements and a contract that would make her submissive to his dominant. But she isn't so sure about all of this, and as she falls for him, she begins to make him break his own rules. Of course he thinks she should be punished for that.

Essentially, this film is mere foreplay, as the push and pull between Ana and Christian cycles through various set-pieces on the way to an ending that is clearly designed to get fans in a lather for films based on the second and third novels in the trilogy. And the studio would be wise to keep Taylor-Johnson and screenwriter Kelly Marcel (Saving Mr Banks, another story of male-female control) on board, as they have clearly beefed up James' novel with a strong dose of wry humour, bringing out the deeper themes rather than focussing on the under-developed plot and characters.

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Fifty Shades Of Grey - Clips And Extended Trailer

When reserved college girl Anastasia Steele meets mysterious businessman Christian Grey for an interview, she ends up feeling rather foolish, fearing that she's messed up the opportunity. Mr. Grey doesn't see it that way however; on the contrary, he develops a strong romantic fixation with her. Anastasia is flattered, but soon realises that this guy isn't the sort to take her to take her out for romantic meals or shower her with gifts. Nonetheless, he is an enigmatic presence in her life that she cannot hope to resist, and she soon finds herself treading deeper and deeper into this man's life. As their relationship progresses, he reveals his unusual sexual desires which involves Anastasia signing a written document in order to give him permission to do whatever he likes with her. Enchanted and seduced by the sense of unknown that lies ahead, she agrees.

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American Sniper Review


Once again, director Clint Eastwood lurks in the background, springing a stunningly atmospheric thriller on audiences when they least expect it. Honestly, for an 84-year-old Eastwood is an astoundingly nimble filmmaker, able to take an audience right into a tense situation while never cheating with flashy movie trickery. This film grabs us without mercy, pulling us into a morally complex situation that gets our head spinning.

It's the true story of Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper), the Navy Seal sniper credited with the most official kills after serving four tours of duty in Iraq. Based on his memoir, the film traces him from his religious upbringing, during which he's taught about guns and encroaching evil from an early age. So after the 9/11 attacks, he enlists in the Navy. His sharp-shooting skills are quickly apparent. And as he prepares for his first assignment abroad, he romances local girl Taya (Sienna Miller), a feisty woman who knows what she's getting into. Chris, on the other hand, is instantly thrown into a quandary when his first targets as a sniper are a woman and child who seem to be carrying a bomb. Over the next few years, his marriage to Taya and his moral centre are tested by his military service. And when an Iraqi sniper challenges him, he takes it personally.

Jason Hall's script sticks close to Chris' perspective, which is intensified by Eastwood's coolly efficient direction and Cooper's beefy performance. By putting the audience so tightly within Chris' point of view, we are unable to escape the psychological impact of his experiences, even if real warfare is no doubt much more horrific even than what's depicted here. Cleverly, the film never asks us to judge Chris, merely to see how battle changes him. And Cooper is terrific at finding tiny details that reveal both Chris' altered state and the core stability that never leaves him.

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Fifty Shades Of Grey - Fairy Tale TV Spot Trailer

Sometimes, a single favour to a friend can end up changing you entirely. When a young literature student, Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) attends an interview on behalf of her sick friend, she is totally unaware of the consequences. Steele meets with the illusive, enigmatic and intimidating young billionaire businessman, Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), and almost immediately finds herself wildly attracted to him. Grey is insistent on controlling every aspect of his life, business and personal feelings, yet Steele represents a problem for him: he, too, is attracted to her, yet it is because of her free nature. As the couple clash, their futures are thrown into jeopardy with the revelation that neither of their lives will ever be the same again.

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Premiere of 'American Sniper'

Luke Grimes - Photo's from the red carpet at the Premiere of the biographical action movie 'American Sniper' which Stars Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller. The premiere was held at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City, New York, United States - Monday 15th December 2014

Fifty Shades Of Grey - Extended Trailer

Budding journalist and college student Anastasia Steele has never been the adventurous type in any respect, so when she is faced with the prospect of interviewing the handsome and frighteningly mysterious young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she is more than a little nervous. The interview doesn't go quite as well as she'd hoped, but it seems Christian has other interests in her. While he doesn't pander to the usual expectations of romance in a relationship, there's something utterly captivating and addictive about him that Anastasia just can't resist - even when he reveals to her his innermost unusual sexual desires. Thriving on the feeling of being in control, all he wants to do is tie Anastasia up and introduce her to a whole new world of sensual experiences. But is she curious enough to sign away her body to a stranger?

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American Sniper Trailer

What would you do when your own morals come into direct confrontation with your duty to protect your peers? For Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper), a U.S. Navy SEAL working as a sniper in Iraq, the question comes in one of the worst possible ways. An armed patrol, under the watchful eyes of Kyle, is confronted by a woman and a child. When the woman hands the child what looks to be a Russian grenade, Kyle desperately calls for someone else to see and make a confirmation. When no one can, he is faced with the choice of killing the young boy in his tracks, or jeopardising the safety of his colleagues. 

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Fifty Shades Of Grey Trailer

Anastasia Steele is a shy college student who is forced to interview an enigmatic entrepreneur named Christian Grey. Their first meeting doesn't go as well as planned and subsequently she is shocked when it appears that he has a seemingly romantic interest in her. He's not the sort to go out on drunken nights or make any of the usual romantic gestures, but Anastasia remains captivated by the intense sense of mystery surrounding him. Some of that mystery is unveiled, however, when he reveals his sexual desires to her, but it seems even then his wishes are not of the usual kind. Christian asks Anastasia to sign a document in order for them to be intimate, and that coupled with the rope and tape he recently purchased starts to make her realise just what sort of sensual adventure she's about to experience.

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Fifty Shades Of Grey Trailer

When young college student Anastasia Steele meets a mysterious wealthy businessman named Christian Grey, she had no idea she'd be embarking on the sexual adventure of her lifetime. While he makes it clear that he's not the type for wild nights of drunken laughs or even for a bunch of flowers and chocolates, Ana can't help but feel irresistably intrigued by the beguiling sense of unknown surrounding her new obsession. Soon though, all is revealed when Christian insists she sign a document before they enter into any kind of intimacy, and putting that together with the bunch of rope and masking tape she saw him purchase at the hardware store, she starts to realise that she's about to enter into a relationship that is more out of the ordinary than she could ever have possibly imagined.

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Rita Ora Lands A Role In '50 Shades Of Grey' Movie

Rita Ora Jamie Dornan Dakota Johnson E.L. James Eloise Mumford Luke Grimes

Rita Ora is the latest in a succession of names to be attached to the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey movie adaptation. The 'How We Do' singer was announced as the latest addition to the 50 Shades cast via The Hollywood Reporter earlier this week, with the 23-year-old singer signed on to star as Mia Grey, the adopted sister of the lead character Christian Grey, played by Jamie Dornan.

Rita Ora
Say 'R.I.P.' to the girl Rita used to be

The news of her appointment was later confirmed by Ora herself, when she tweeted earlier this week, "It's official! I've been cast in @FiftyShades of Grey as Christian's sister Mia. #FiftyShades."

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'True Blood' Actor Luke Grimes Signs On For 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie

Jamie Dornan Luke Grimes Dakota Johnson Jennifer Ehle E.L. James

With the part of Christian Grey finally decided on, again, the film adaption of EL James' 50 Shades of Grey can once again inch towards completion. The first post-Jamie Dornan-casting move to be taken care of is the appointment of his brother, who will be played by True Blood actor Luke Grimes.

Jamie DornanDakota Johnson
Grimes joins Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson as a confirmed cast member

Grimes is the first actor to be hired for the upcoming 50 Shades adaptation since Jame Dornan was cast as the new Christian Grey - replacing Charlie Hunnam - and joins Jennifer Ehle and Dakota Johnson - who will play lead role Anastasia Steele - as one of the confirmed cast members. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Grimes will play Elliot Grey, a pivotal character in the EL James novel, who begins a relationship with Anastasia's best friend, a role that hasn't been cast yet.

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All The Boys Love Mandy Lane Trailer

Mandy Lane is a beautiful teenage girl at a Texas high school known by everyone as the most untouchable female in the school. When she is invited to one boy Red's ranch party along with couple Jake and Marlin, Red's girlfriend Chloe, ranch hand Garth and the only person who seems to be in with a chance of seducing Mandy, Bird, it becomes a competition among the boys to see who can win her affections and, subsequently, her virginity over the course of the booze-fuelled night. However, one person's desires seem to exceed everyone else's as one by one the party guests are brutally murdered and Mandy is left fearing for her own life when the killer makes his presence known inside the house. Things take a dramatic turn when the killer reveals his identity and the survivors are forced to make a daring escape attempt.

This mystery horror is a nail-biting gore-fest starring Amber Heard that is finally due for release in the US after being shelved since 2006. It has been directed by Jonathan Levine ('Warm Bodies', 'The Wackness', '50/50') and written by Jacob Forman in his screenplay debut. It will appear on demand this Autumn and in selected cinemas on October 11th 2013.


Taken 2 Review


There wasn't really anywhere for the story to go after 2008's surprise hit Taken, and this movie quickly proves that. Not only does it have that same appalling moral vacuum at the centre (it doesn't matter how many irrelevant people you torture and kill to rescue your loved one), but the plot becomes increasingly absurd as it progresses. So the only genuine response is weary laughter.

The action picks up shortly after Bryan (Neeson) has recovered from his ordeal in Paris. His daughter Kim (Grace) seems to have forgotten it completely, and soon she and her mother Lenore (Janssen), Bryan's ex, jet off to Istanbul to join him after he finishes a business meeting. But they don't know that the family of the Albanian thugs Bryan killed in France have followed him to Turkey intent on vengeance. They soon grab Bryan and Lenore, so Bryan calls Kim on a secret mobile device and coaches her on how to rescue them. Of course, it gets increasingly messy as the hours tick by.

Perfectly named director Megaton (Colombiana) never bothers to make any sense out of the story, merely charging into each scene with guns blazing and grenades exploding, while suggesting that only unshaven Albanian-looking men get killed in the process. Well, all of them, to be exact. He also delights in presenting shameless stereotypes of Muslims who take their run-down lifestyle with them wherever they go. Meanwhile, the Yanks are efficient and unruffled, speaking in cliched slogans. Neeson sleepwalks through the film, shifting into action mode or hitting the dramatic notes where necessary. Jansson is actually asleep (or unconscious) most of the time. While Grace has the most fun in a series of insane action set-pieces.

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Taken 2 Trailer

Ex CIA agent Bryan Mills mercilessly slaughtered the majority of perpetrators of a European sex trafficking ring in order to retrieve his teenage daughter after they kidnapped her and her friend whilst they were on a trip to Paris in 'Taken'. In 'Taken 2', the relatives of the deceased, headed by Murad the father of one of them, initiate a brutal plot of revenge against Mills as he, his daughter Kim and ex-wife Lenore are on vacation in Istanbul, Turkey. Mills must use his dangerous skills to protect his family once again, but can he defeat the likes of Murad who is determined to sell Kim and Lenore as prostitutes

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Luke Grimes

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