The man who wrote Luke Bryan's maligned new song That's My Kind Of Night has hit back at Zac Brown over his radio remarks about the tune.

Brown sparked a new war of words in country music when he called Bryan's single the "worst song" he's ever heard, adding it makes him want to "throw up" every time he hears it.

Justin Moore and Jason Aldean have both jumped to Bryan's defence, and now Dallas Davidson, one of the three songwriters behind the tune has broken his silence about the furore.

Davidson, who also co-wrote Blake Shelton's Boys 'Round Here and Lady Antebellum's Just a Kiss, among other hits, reveals Bryan actually called him to let him know what Brown had said during a radio chat.

He tells, "The first thing I did was sit there and soak it in. A comment like that will hurt your feelings because when you write a song, it's kind of like one of your babies. To hear a successful artist say it was the worst song he's heard and it makes him want to throw up, that's just not cool."

Davidson adds, "We write about what we know about. What I know about is sitting on a tailgate drinking a beer. Hell, I live on the river. When Luke called me to tell me about what happened, I was literally smoking Boston butts on my homemade cooker at my 800 square foot river house with about four of my buddies with their trucks backed up, sitting on a tailgate."

The songwriter insists he won't be getting involved in a rap-style diss with Brown, adding, "My mom always told me if you don't have nothing nice to say, then don't say it at all. That's true.

"I think social media... has really changed this whole generation where it's Ok to be mean, and it's Ok to talk bad about people. When I grew up, you didn't do that."

But he jokes, "If that song makes him want to throw up, I hope I write one today that gives him the flu because that means I'm doing my job right."