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A Mighty iTunes Festival Line-Up

Kings Of Leon Vampire Weekend Ludovico Einaudi Queens Of The Stone Age Sigur Ros Jessie J Jake Bugg

Since yesterday's (19 June) mega announcement that superstar 'Sex on Fire' rockers Kings Of Leon,had been added to the bill, along with 'A-Punk' New Yorkers Vampire Weekend, there's a palpable excitement in the air as fans apply for tickets and sit tight.

Gone are the old ways of leaping to your laptop at 9 am as tickets go onsale and hitting the refresh button with shaking hands whilst thousands of others do the same in a bizarre battle of the F5 keys. iTunes have revolutionised the festival - instead of making fans shell out hundreds to be treated like medieval peasants, wading through excrement whilst clutching a £5 pint of warm beer - they're holding their month long celebration of sound at the recently refurbished and highly trendy Roundhouse venue in Camden.

There's enough pop acts to make any fan of the mainstream wet themselves, including Jessie J, Justin Timberlake, Jake Bugg and Rizzle Kicks, with an added healthy dosage of big-hitting names in the rock world, such as Paramore, Queens Of The Stone Age, Primal Scream and Kings of Leon.

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Vampire Weekend And Kings Of Leon Added To iTunes Festival Bill That Keeps Getting Better

Kings Of Leon Vampire Weekend Sigur Ros Queens Of The Stone Age Bobby Gillespie Jessie J Jake Bugg Justin Timberlake Primal Scream 30 Seconds to Mars Ludovico Einaudi Rizzle Kicks

Vampire Weekend and Kings Of Leon will join a rapidly growing list, already peppered with fellow rock royalty, including Queens Of The Stone Age, Sigur Rós, 30 Seconds to Mars and Primal Scream.

It won't be solely a festival of rock though - artists from other genres have also been invited, giving everyone at this September's festival something to look forward to, such as Justin Timberlake, Jessie J, Jake Bugg, Rizzle Kicks, and classical composer Ludovico Einaudi.

Having being held since 2007, the annual iTunes festival is held over every night in September and this year will host over 60 acts at the Camden venue.

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Ludovico Einaudi, Islands: Essential Einaudi Album Review

Islands: Essential Einaudi is a best of collection of pieces composed and performed by Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi; the ambient, meditative and beautiful natures of Einaudi's compositions are showcased perfectly by this selection.

Of Einaudi's best known tracks, 'I Giorni' is a favourite for TV adverts and heart string tugging moments of TV dramas and film. A simple solo piano composition with a gently soothing yet logical melody, 'I Giorni' then develops with more movement to become more busy, together with a slight crescendo, before dying to a much quieter interjection and gradually, calmly and seamlessly returning to the original theme, building to a pause before fading into a delicate coda and crescendoing slightly to a definite finish. From the very opening of Einaudi's 'Essential' selection, the great expression and emotion in his compositions is perfectly clear. 'The Earth Prelude' continues with a similar moving and expressive piano line, this time accompanied by an ensemble of soaring, soothing strings. As simple as the composition may be, and frowned upon by many academic music scholars, the music is loaded with feeling, with emotion, and drenched in lush harmonies giving it a very clear flavour of film soundtrack music and sounding delicacy alongside power. Another of Einaudi's best known solo piano compositions 'Le Onde' (the waves) really does conjure images of delicacy twinkling (right hand) over an undulating lower ground (left hand). The music is largely beautiful and tranquil but with a slight uneasiness glimmering through the harmony, and also swells and fades much like the ocean it takes inspiration from.

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