American rapper Ludacris' "foot fetish" is so strong - he places "beautiful feet" at the top of his girlfriend wish list.

While the ONE MINUTE MAN star abhors hairy legs on a lover, he finds a woman's feet a real turn-on especially when she has had them covered up by a pair of boots.

Of dating girl with physical imperfections such as pimples, he says, "I have. I try not to judge. I let God judge.

"But I definitely love girls with beautiful feet. I have a foot fetish. Messed up feet man, sometimes she can trick me and just wear boots and not even show her feet. But when I see the feet, it's a wrap.

"And I don't like girls with hairy legs. I kind of like it to be nice and smooth. A little hair never hurt anybody. But when it gets a little too much, that's when it's not good anymore."

27/12/2004 12:57